Blackberry Q10 Appeals To The Physical Keyboard Lover

blackberry-q01With virtually everything turning touch screen, it can prove a challenge for physical keyboard lovers to find phones to match their needs. However, in the shape of the Blackberry Q10 from Rim and the Asha 210 from Nokia, there are two good options, albeit in very different price brackets. We take a quick look at the Q10 to see whether it is worthy investing.

Blackberry has undergone some troubling times in the past few years, marred by poor handset release performance and serious service outages. Research In Motion, or RIM, hoped that the release of the Blackberry 10 Operating System would reignite their fortunes. Of course, this meant a stellar lineup of handsets would also be required.

The Blackberry Q10 is not groundbreaking but it will appeal to the keyboard lover because it features a surprisingly spacious QWERTY keyboard as well as offering touch screen functionality. The trade off, of course, is screen size and while the new screen is 30% larger than other screens it is still only a 3.1 inche AMOLED display and this means that watching video and playing games is not really an option although still possible.

The keyboard will be the main attraction for those that buy it, however. The Blackberry Q10 has been designed to specifically feature a fully operating keyboard and this is obvious from the design. The screen has been enlarged compared to previous Blackberry models but there is seemingly no compromise with the keyboard. If anything, it has easier to use and more spread out keys that previous versions.

The phone also has the host of features that you would expect from a £500+ smartphone. It has a 2mp front facing camera and 8mp rear camera. It has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor and 2GB of RAM so should breeze through most apps too.

All in all, if you have to have a physical keyboard, then the Blackberry Q10 looks to be a good choice although compromises have been made to fit the keyboard on the phone.

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