British Smartphone Manufacturer Kazam Unveils Six New Devices

KAZAM_Smartphone_RangeBritish smartphone manufacturer Kazam has unveiled six new smartphone devices,including one premium handset and five low- to mid-range devices. Release details have not yet been offered by the London based company.

Kazam are a new smartphone manufacturer, established in London by two former HTC executives. While the organisation was only established six months ago, they have already unveiled their first six phones, although no details regarding the price for exact release date has yet been proffered. All of the phones will run on Android and screen sizes will vary from the smallest 3.5” screen to the largest 5.5” device.

The Kazam Trooper x3.5 is named after its screen size, like all of the Trooper phones. The TFT screen has a 480 x 320 resolution and packs a dual core 1GHz processor as well as 512MB of RAM and a 2mp rear facing camera. With those specifications, we would expect the x3.5 to fall into the budget range.

The Trooper x4.0 has the same 1GHz dual core processor but its screen has been improved to 800 x 480 resolution. The Trooper x4.5 offers a further improved screen, boasting 854 x 800 resolution and it also houses a slightly improved 1.2GHz dual core processor. The x5 has a slightly bigger screen but the same processor.

As well as the five Trooper phones, there will also be a Thunder Q4.5. This has a 4.5” screen but a much better 1.3GHz quad core processor. It also has 1GB of RAM so should cope ably with any app or game that is thrown at it. The Thunder also has 4.5GB of internal memory and there are rumours that a Q5 is also set to appear on the market within a few months.

All Kazam phones are dual-sim and all will come with a free one year screen replacement warranty. They will also include Kazam Rescue, which means that the Kazam team can be called upon to remotely resolve any issues that the user might be facing with their phone.

It is a bold move to launch a whole range of phones in a market that is, in all honesty, already jam-packed with devices. The fact that they have the backing of former HTC executives bodes well for the new London based company, and the launch of a series of affordable phones may prove enough to help them turn some sort of profit from the new venture.

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