Brits Own More Than £50bn In Gadgets

gadgetsRecent figures show that Brits own gadgets worth £51.6bn and typically walk around with £22bn of gadgets on their person. 2013 is expected to see the nation spend nearly £10bn on tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets.

We may have endured difficult financial times, following the recession, but it would seem that our love affair with gadgets has continued unabated in the last 5 years. Research by Conlumino has shown that the total value of Brit owned gadgets is £10bn higher than it was five years ago. We may have had less disposable income, but we have clearly been willing to dispose of it on the latest gadgets and technology trends.

The surge can largely be attributed to the massive explosion in popularity of tablets, as well as the improvement and increased range of smartphones and mobile devices that are now for sale.

The iPad was met with some scepticism when it was first launched. Analysts predicted that it would not sell well because nobody would want a device that was basically just a large smartphone but without the calling features. Not only has the iPad gone from strength to strength, with the most recent version being the ultra-lightweight iPad Air, but a massive number of competing devices, like the popular Google Nexus, has also been launched and enjoyed success.

It is Apple that has arguably led the smartphone revolution too. Their iPhone made touch screen devices, and the use of apps, not only popular but the new way of doing things. While feature phones still exist, they are not as popular as smartphones, especially thanks to the increasingly wide range of budget and affordable smartphones that are on the market.

Clearly, we Brits love our gadgets, even though we are often expected to wait for devices from global manufacturers to hit our shelves. The continued evolution of the smartphone, advance of tablets, and the introduction of wearable technology means that this pattern is only likely to continue, and our gadget spend only likely to increase.

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