BT Are The Worst Network For Complaints

BT ImageRecent Ofcom results show that BT has the worst track record of complaints for Pay TV, and didn’t fare much better for broadband or landline.

UK communications regulator Ofcom regularly releases reports on telecoms, broadband, and pay TV services. Specifically, they provide details of the number of complaints that they receive about each service, and as well as providing useful information for consumers, the reports name and shame the worst performers.

BT may have successfully bid for Premiership matches, and taken a few TV scalps over the past 12 months, but they certainly don’t excel at service levels. According to the most recent Ofcom report, BT have the highest number of complaints, with 0.56 complaints for every 1,000 customers. This is significantly higher than other providers – Virgin received 0.05 complaints per 1,000 customers, and Sky only received 0.02.

Orange managed to outdo the country’s oldest telecoms supplier when it came to broadband services, though. They received 0.45 complaints per 1,000 customers compared to BT’s 0.42 and TalkTalk’s 0.27.

It was TalkTalk that took top honours for complaints about landline services. They racked up 0.31 complaints per 1,000 customers, but BT were once again the second worst, as they managed 0.23 complaints – Sky and Virgin Media only had 0.11 and 0.8 complaints for every 1,000 customers, putting them some way ahead.

The league tables don’t make for good reading for BT, and TalkTalk also featured prominently in the results. However, if you are looking for a new broadband, TV, and landline package, you should take heart that these figures equate to less than 0.1% of all customers, so there’s a good chance you won’t have any complaints regardless of which service you opt for in the end.

Are the figures really all that bad?
Have you had problems with your BT services?
Would you complain if you did have problems?

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