Buy Grid 2 With BAC Mono Supercar For £125,000

grid 2 mono supercarIn what is absolutely the most expensive video game limited edition ever, one incredibly wealthy gamer will be able to buy a limited edition version of the upcoming Grid 2 video game. Called the Grid 2: Mono Edition, this not only includes a limited edition version of the game and even a PS3. You also receive in game livery and, to truly warrant the price tag, you receive full racing gear and the BAC Mono road legal supercar. You will have to part with £125,000 if you want to be the lucky owner though.

Limited Edition games tend to include a few pieces of artwork and maybe a shiny box. You might even get a figurine or a set of Top Trumps. Codemasters has not only gone one step further but has completely blown the Limited Edition sector wide open by offering a racing car as the Limited addition to the game.

Also included in the pack is a PS3 and a copy of the game, with bespoke artwork. You get a racing helmet and gloves, boots, and BAC Mono livery for use in the game too.

It’s unlikely you’ll be paying £125,000 because you love the game so much so here are the facts on the car. The BAC Mono is road legal despite offering 520bhp per tonne. It will reach a top speed of 170mph and has a staggering 0-60mph time of just 2.8s. The ultra-lightweight carbon fibre bodied racing car is not for the faint hearted.

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