Call Of Duty: Ghosts Released And Is Remarkably Similar To All Other COD

call-of-duty-ghostsIf ever a game release guarantees a number 1 spot in the next week’s video game charts, it is the launch of the latest Call of Duty game. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be no exception and you can bet your house on that. The problem is, there will come a time when the game playing public (that’s us, by the way) get bored of playing what is essentially the same game but with a few minor upgrades. For some critics, that time has already come, but it seems likely that Ghosts will reach the $1bn sales mark, like its predecessor, Black Ops 2.

Multiplayer is, really, where Call of Duty games really come into their own. 1900 years of online play are completed every single day, which is such a large number that it really ceases to make much sense. What it means, is that we simply can’t get enough Call of Duty Multiplayer and, at the very least, a new game means new maps.

Extinction is arguably the biggest change, although this bears striking similarities to Zombies before it. You will be fighting off hordes of non-human enemies, this time in the shape of aliens. However, the big difference is in the fact that every player receives skill points that they can assign to different categories. Some players will assign points to fighting attributes, while others will want to heal and provide team support.

The only thing that may prevent Ghosts from reaching the same lofty heights of its predecessors, is the upcoming launch of the next generation consoles. Gamers that are holding out and waiting to buy a PS4 or Xbox One may be reticent to buy a copy for the current generation and then another copy for the next generation in just a few weeks’ time.

Still, we’re willing to bet on a first place finish next week.

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