Cameron: 5G networks will download movies in a second

5G InternetThe prime minister was speaking at CeBIT, Europe’s biggest technology show, at the invitation of German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

As well as announcing the 5G partnership, the prime minister said the UK would today announce a new spectrum strategy, which will drive forward the so-called “Internet of Things”.

Three British and German universities will work together to develop 5G technology: the University of Dresden, King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey.

No government money appears to be being spent on the partnership, nor did the prime minister reveal any more details about what this fifth-generation technology consists of, short of announcing that download times for an 800MB movie would be “cut to one second”.

The prime minister said he wanted to work with Germany “to pool ideas, share data, innovate, [and] to lead on the next big ideas”.

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