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Flappy Bird, the game taking the world by storm

flappy-bird-gameiOS game ‘Flappy Bird’ been described as ‘the most frustrating game in the world’ and has topped the most downloaded charts across the world.

The game, which involves tapping the screen repeatedly to control the flight path of a bird through obstacles, seems simple enough however thousands of people have taken to Twitter to release their frustration at the addictive and difficult game. Continue reading

Apple and Google remove Plastic Surgery app aimed at Children

plastic-surgery-appA game aimed at Children has been taken down by The App Store ad and Google Play which was labeled suitable for Children over nine years of age. The game allowed users to perform plastic surgery with a scalpel and liposuction.

After performing a range of procedures on the girl, she is revealed as a much more thinner version of her former self, thereafter users can compare before and after pictures.

In a statement, former British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) president Nigel Mercer described the Plastic Surgery for Barbie app as “sexist and disturbing”. Continue reading

Apple buys iPhone SnappyCam app for undisclosed amount

Recent reports coming out of the Apple that the Californian-tech giant bought the high end app SnappyCam between Christmas and New Year. SnappyCam’s ‘burst mode’ allows users to take multiple images in one go, a feature generally found on high quality SLR cameras. The cost of the acquisition has not been announced.

The app which costs just 79p has since been removed from the app store allows users to take multiple photos in one take and then select the best image. The app also features a six times zoom.

However, since the likes of Samsung and Apple have introduced the feature in their latest handsets, it is becoming more popular among amateur photographers. Continue reading

Samsung And Apple Outline Plans For 2014

apple-samsung-logos-300x300Samsung has said that it will make the smart TV smarter, while Apple has said that they have big plans for the coming year, although didn’t provide any detail.

Samsung smart TVs will get smarter in 2014 according to the world’s biggest TV manufacturer. Finger gestures and voice commands will improve, and we will be able to control our TVs in an alarmingly vast array of ways.

Features like Siri and S Voice, which enable users to perform numerous tasks on their smartphones and other devices, have become increasingly popular as the technology has improved. Voice commands are also an integral part of the Xbox One offering, while gesture controls have already been implemented, to varying degrees of success and popularity, on smart TVs and other smart devices. Continue reading

iPhone 5S Three Times More Popular Than 5C In The UK

iphone_5c_and_5sThe iPhone 5S has sold three times as many units as the budget 5C variant. However, iOS still saw a 4% drop for the third quarter of the year when compared to 2012.

We don’t really understand the point of the 5C. It is billed as being the budget iPhone, and its cheap plastic looks certainly hold to this. However, it is still far from being a budget phone and you could end up paying £500 or more depending on the amount of memory you want. We find it remarkable that Apple has only sold three times more of the premium 5S units than the budget 5C units, but it is apparently bringing in new Apple users.

One figure that doesn’t seem to bear this fact out, is the considerable market share drop endured by iOS. Continue reading

iPad Mini 2 On Sale Now

ipad-‌mini-retina-displayThe highly anticipated iPad Mini 2, with Retina display, is available to purchase now starting at £319 for the 16GB WiFi model. A number of desirable features can be found on Apple’s latest tablet.

Apple releases bring the company a lot of media attention, which is as effective as expensive marketing for the brand. Whenever they release new phones, and new tablets, they hit the headlines and tend to stay there at least for a while. The rumours, leaked specifications, and alleged photos of the device, as well as various unveiling reviews and hands on reviews also serve to whip up a media based storm. And so, while analysts were sceptical about the November release for the iPad Mini, that’s exactly what the company has delivered – therefore, ensuring that they are back in the news and enjoying free publicity once again. Continue reading