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Toyota recalls 6.4 million cars worldwide

Toyota_NewsToyota announced five recalls on Wednesday, affecting a total of 6.39 million vehicles globally.

The recalls cover 27 Toyota models including Camry, Corolla, Matrix and Highlander. Two of those models were made by joint manufacturing ventures and sold under other brands: the Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia. Some of the vehicles were made as early as 2004.

Toyota plans to inspect and, if necessary, replace parts including seat rails, steering column brackets, engine starters, windshield wiper motors and air bag cables, the company said in a statement. Continue reading

Apple’s CarPlay to roll in Luxury Autos

apple-carplayApple raced past Microsoft and Google for dashboard supremacy Monday with a premium roster of European automakers that agreed to use the company’s new in-car smartphone technology.

Luxury carmakers Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will be the first companies to introduce models equipped with CarPlay, which uses the iPhone’s Siri voice recognition technology to control music, maps, messaging and other features. Continue reading

Jet-Powered truck Reaches Speeds nearing 400 mph

Shockwave, the world’s fastest jet-powered truck can reach speeds approaching 400 mph, thanks to its three massive jet engines.

The garish, yellow truck spewed flames as it shot down the runway at a car show in Ontario, Canada over the weekend.

“It’s an awesome experience, you won’t believe it until you see it,” owner and driver Neal Darnell told the Daily Mail.

The modified ’57 Chevy is powered by three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jet engines taken from US Navy training jets. Continue reading

MP’s Vote for Ban on Car Smoking

Smoking in cars with children in them is likely to be made illegal in England and Wales.

MPs voted to support a ban, which means the government is now able to make it law.

It’s now up to cabinet ministers to decide whether it should be introduced. But some people say it’s a step too far.

The vote – passed by 376 votes to 107 – also gave the Welsh government the power to bring in a ban in Wales. Continue reading

Aston Martin recalls more than 17,000 cars

Aston_martinThe british luxury car maker will recall the equivalent of three out of four cars they’ve made in the last 6 years due to defective part made by a Chinese supplier.

the car maker said it plans to have the part – an accelerator – pedal arm – made in the U.K. in the future.

It said that it had received reports that 22 of the accelerator arms had failed.

The recall follows the discovery that Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co., a Chinese supplier that molds the accelerator-pedal arms, was using counterfeit plastic material supplied by a Chinese Continue reading

VW Kombi reaches the end of the road

volkswagen_kombiOne of the most iconic and recognised vehicles ever produced has finally ceased production. New safety regulations in Brazil have led to the demise of the Volkswagen Kombi after 64 years of production.

From camper vans to pick-ups and cargo vans Volkeswagen will cease production at the end of 2013 of the ‘Type 2’ in Brazil, or anywhere else in the world. ‘Type 1’ was broadly known as the Beetle.

For the last five or six decades the Kombi was recognized as a symbol of counter-culture right across the world and staple of life in Brazil. Continue reading