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Britain’s worst broadband areas take 15 hours to download a film

slow broadband speedMassive variations in broadband speeds across Britain mean the time taken to download a film can take up to 15 hours in some areas and just nine minutes in others, a report has revealed.

Slow broadband is still largely the scourge of the British countryside, but data from independent comparison website shows even some urban parts of the UK are suffering from slow connection speeds, despite being just a short distance from areas with much higher speeds.

Overall, the report claims that 40 per cent of all Britons experience speeds of under 5Mbps, at which it takes 13 minutes to download just one episode of a TV show. Continue reading

Nike says Fuelband is here to stay despite Apple partnership rumours

Fuelband NikeSportswear maker Nike has said that it has no plans to ditch the Fuelband, despite speculation that the firm would ditch its hardware business and others claiming a planned tie-up with Apple.

It recently emerged that Nike was laying off staff in its digital sports division, the group responsible for making the Fuelband. Since then, speculation surfaced that Nike plans to ditch its hardware business altogether, and more recent rumours have claimed that the layoffs came as the firm looked to put its hardware resources into working with Apple on an upcoming wearable. Continue reading

Microsoft ends support to XP; opens market for Chinese firms

windows_xp_logoThough it’s very hard to believe but it’s true that the software tycoon Microsoft, which served Windows XP for about 13 years finally has decided to halt it is technical support, giving opportunities for Chaina’s IT Firms.

Microsoft said, “the technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available and the company has stopped providing security updates“.

With this drastic decision, it’s more likely that the computers will become more insecure and prone to viruses, if the users still continue to use Windows XP. Microsoft has advised users to upgrade to Windows 8.1 in order to get complete technical support and to be more securing but to avail this, users might have to go for a new computer, if necessary. The price of Windows 8 is 988 yuan ($159). Continue reading

Reversible USB cable design shown off for first time

Reversible-USBA new design for USB – a standardised connection for data transfers between electronic devices – has been shown off for the first time.

The new connector will be reversible, bringing an end to the everyday irritant of trying to force a USB cable in the wrong way.

The images were first published by technology news site The Verge.

The USB Implementers Forum anticipates the new designs will be finalised in July.

But rollout of new ports will take some time as manufacturers gradually incorporate them into their products. Continue reading

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella may unveil iPad version of Office on March 27

Satya-NadellaThe new boss, Satya Nadella who is now the current CEO of Microsoft is going to have his first big press appearance and address industry executives in San Francisco on March 27. Sources said that Satya Nadella may unveil an iPad version of the company’s Office software suite during this juncture. What can be better than this occasion to launch the company’s most profitable product for Apple Inc’s popular tablet. Microsoft said in an invitation to reporters that Nadella will discuss “news related to the intersection of cloud and mobile” but waned to comment on the particulars of the CEO’s appearance.

Finally the most anticipated dream will come true for many populaces by the hit of iPad and Continue reading

Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer.

Google glassAs the world is becoming more smarter, Google is coming up with the latest technologies to attract, one of its latest evolution is Google glass.

Google glass (stylized simply as GLASS) is the first wearable computer with really light weight, which is available to public the beta version as of now.

One to use the Google Glass, needs to pair up the Glass with mobile through Bluetooth (we can use MyGlass app for pairing). Continue reading