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Sony, Panasonic develop 300GB ‘Archival disc’ for 50 year enterprise storage

ArchivalDiscImgSony and Panasonic have reportedly developed an optical disc called the “Archival Disc” for enterprise storage with an initial capacity of 300GB that would be readable for at least 50 years.

The next-generation disc will be launched in the market in 2015 and its current capacity will be expanded to 500GB and then 1TB later through signal-processing technologies including multi-level recording technology. Continue reading

Cameron: 5G networks will download movies in a second

5G InternetThe prime minister was speaking at CeBIT, Europe’s biggest technology show, at the invitation of German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

As well as announcing the 5G partnership, the prime minister said the UK would today announce a new spectrum strategy, which will drive forward the so-called “Internet of Things”.

Three British and German universities will work together to develop 5G technology: the University of Dresden, King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey.

No government money appears to be being spent on the partnership, nor did the prime minister reveal any more details about what this fifth-generation technology consists of, short of announcing that download times for an 800MB movie would be “cut to one second”. Continue reading

Computers will soon Outsmart Humans

Ray KurzweilComputers will be able to think better than humans within 15 years, Google’s top expert on artificial intelligence has predicted.

Ray Kurzweil, a leading American inventor and futurist, said that computers and robots would not only be more intelligent than their makers but would be able to understand human behaviour better than we do.

He predicts that by 2029 computers will be able to understand what we say, hold conversations and learn from experience. They will be able to tell jokes and even flirt.

Mr Kurzweil, whose inventions have included scanners, synthesiser keyboards and speech-recognition systems, is known for his bold predictions about technology. Continue reading

World’s first computer turns 70

Worlds_First_PCThe world’s first electronic computer created by the British to decrypt Adolf Hitler’s secret messages during World War II turned 70 yesterday.

Designed by British telephone engineer Tommy Flowers, ‘Colossus’ was built to speed up code-breaking of the complex Lorenz cipher used in communications between Hitler and his generals during World War II. It is widely thought to have shortened the war and saved countless lives.

On February 5, 1944 Colossus Mk I worked on its first Lorenz-encrypted message. By the end of the war, 63 million characters of high-grade German messages had been decrypted by the 550 people working on the 10 functioning colossi during the war. Continue reading

Sony to sell off VAIO division

Sony-VaioThe Japanese company will begin selling off the PC business in July, Japan Industrial Partners will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will “cease planning, design ad development of PC products”.

The news comes as a shock, as VAIO has always been associated with high-end design, and had many admirers in the technology world.

Sony says that there are a variety of reasons including “drastic changes in the global PC industry”.

JIP’s new company will initially focus on selling VAIO-branded computers in Japan; it plans to hire between 250 and 300 Sony employees for the venture. Continue reading

Gigabyte Launches The P35K

gigP35K_2Gigabyte has launched what is not only the world’s lightest gaming laptop, but one that adopts an unusually modest approach to gaming device design.

Typically, if you want to buy a gaming rig, whether it is desk or lap bound, you have to choose from a selection of ridiculously pimped out devices. Swathes of neon, oodles of tattoos and skins, and a variety of different hood ornaments are the usual addition to a gaming computer. However, Gigabyte has broken the mould with their latest release, the P35K.

Gone are the garish colours, the lavish vents, and the often unnecessarily shouty designs. Instead, the P35K looks like it has been designed for use by people that have passed puberty. It could even be said that it has a certain air of respectability about it. Continue reading