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Facebook’s Zuckerberg earns $3.3bn through share options

mark-zuckerbergFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg earned $3.3bn (£1.9bn) on the sale of share options in 2013, a new regulatory filing has revealed.

Mr Zuckerberg has now exhausted his supply of stock options as a result of Facebook’s public offering.

He was given 60 million shares to help him with his tax bill.

His base salary for 2013 fell to $1, like other tech leaders such as Google’s Larry Page and former Apple boss Steve Jobs. Continue reading

Facebook to buy virtual reality goggles maker Oculus VR for USD 2 billion

oculus-vrThe world’s largest social network – Facebook is wagering that the next swing in computing beyond smartphones and tablets will be towards virtual reality. To accomplish that vision, the , Facebook Inc. announced on Tuesday that, it has agreed to buy virtual reality goggles maker Oculus VR Inc. for $2 billion. The firm said that it would pay $400 million in cash and the remaining amount in 23.1 million shares of the company, the acquisition is expected to be completed by the second quarter. Continue reading

Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion

oculus-vrFacebook plans to purchase Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, for $2 billion.

The deal is comprised of $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock.

Facebook announced its surprise purchase via a blog post. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also revealed Facebook’s reasons for the deal.

“Oculus’s mission is to enable you to experience the impossible. Their technology opens up the possibility of completely new kinds of experiences,” Zuckerberg says. Continue reading

Facebook quietly ends email Address System

facebookFacebook has quietly closed its three-year-old email service that gave users “” email addresses.

From now on, emails sent to an “” address will be forwarded to the personal email address from which the member signed up for the site.

“We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

The change will happen in early March. Continue reading

Facebook moves beyond ‘male’ and ‘female’ with custom gender options

facebookFacebook today announced that users in the US now have the ability to select a custom gender for their Timeline profile pages.

Aside from Male or Female, Facebook now offers “Other,” a new setting that lets users choose between ten gender options such as “cisgender,” “transgender,” and “intersex,” and define which pronoun they’d like to be referred to as — he / his, she / her, or they / their. Moreover, Facebook also now lets you define exactly who can see the Gender section on your profile.

Facebook says it worked closely with LGBT activist groups to choose the new profile options. The social network hasn’t provided a timeline on when the new option will roll out to the rest of its users outside the US. Continue reading