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5 Of The Best Outdoor Gadgets

outdoor-gadgetsAs the weather finally starts to get warmer and the long and unusually snowy winter is all but a distant memory, it’s about time to start looking forward to the best gadgets for summer. Below we take a look at the five potential essentials to help get you through the long sunny mornings and wet, disappointing afternoons.

Wireless Speaker

The Cambridge Audio is a high quality wireless speaker that is especially suited to those whose gadgets and music players aren’t specifically Apple. As well as Apple’s AirPlay, they also play via Continue reading

Google Glass Gets Its First App Courtesy Of New York Times

google glassGoogle has been pushing its Glass project hard lately and there is bound to be a buzz around what is essentially a whole new category of gadget. Never before have we been offered augmented reality glasses that enable us to connect through such a wearable interface. Whether the technology takes off obviously remains to be seen but the signs are looking good so far, at least from Google’s point of view anyway. Continue reading