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Nintendo 2DS Price Dropped To £99 Already

Nintendo-2DSThe Nintendo 2DS has only been on shelves for a few days but it has already seen its price dropped to £99 by a number of retailers. Could it be a sign of things to come?

Nintendo has gotten so many things right in its history. The Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the handheld Gameboy, and the Wii can be considered resounding successes. They not only helped to make Nintendo one of the biggest brands in the world but they also changed the way that we gamers can enjoy our games. With the Wii, it can even be argued that gaming was finally considered acceptable with men and women of all ages and no longer the thrall of spotty teenage kids. Gamers no longer need to hide and, for that at least, we should all thank Nintendo. Continue reading

Nintendo 2DS Launched In UK For £109.99

Nintendo-2DSThe Nintendo 2DS handheld console has launched in Australia, North America, And Europe. The device will cost UK gamers £109.99 and will appeal to those that don’t like hinges.

Nintendo has enjoyed some incredible successes over the years, not least in the release of the Wii and in the release of the handheld DS device. The original device was unique for offering two screens, one of which was a touch screen, and it helped further cement the company’s place near the top of gaming manufacturers. It also spawned a number of updated models including the 3DS.

The 3DS offers glasses-free 3D gaming but has not exactly set the world alight. Sales figures have been disappointing, although good enough to ensure that the device continues in production. Continue reading

Nintendo Trying To Revive The Fortunes Of The Wii U

Wii-uNintendo is set to use Tesco in a bid to improve the fortunes of the faltering Wii U console, while it has also been announced that it will be possible to play original Wii titles on the Wii U controller.

Nintendo has suffered abject failure with the release and poor sales of the Wii U device. Following on the from the success of the original Wii it would be fair to say that the world was expecting massive sales from the console that uses a touch screen controller. However, the sales simply haven’t materialised and a number of retailers have stopped stocking the latest generation of Wii. Continue reading

Hiroshi Yamauchi, Former Chief Of Nintendo, Dies Aged 85

Hkg9007253Hiroshi Yamauchi, without whom it is unlikely that we would have the level and degree of gaming console options we do, has died at the age of 85. The former Nintendo boss was known as the “godfather of gaming”.

Nintendo had a fairly humble beginning, manufacturing and selling cards in the 19th century, but it is for their work with games consoles that the company is best known. They have brought us the likes of the Gameboy, the Gamecube, the DS, and the Nintendo 64, and the Wii. While the Japanese technology company did have a number of less popular and even failed devices, they have long stood out as an innovative manufacturer of unique game consoles.

For more than 50 years, Hiroshi Yamauchi was at the helm and the forefront of the company. His boldness and his willingness to ignore analysts and gaming experts ensures that he leaves behind a legacy of mainstream gaming. Continue reading

Nintendo 2DS Is Like A DS With Broken Hinges

Nintendo-2DSTechnology giant Nintendo has announced a new handheld system, called the 2DS. The device has two screens but no hinges so is more slab than clamshell.

Nintendo aren’t known for doing things in a traditional sense. Releases like the Gameboy, the Wii, and the 3DS have changed the face of gaming but they do sometimes get it wrong as well. The Wii U has not sold at all well, with a number of retailers even removing it from shelves and it is difficult to guess whether the newly announced 2DS will prove a hit or a major, massive, miss. Continue reading

Sales Plummet As Wii U Is Removed From Asda Shelves

Wii-uNintendo has suffered further bad news regarding its Wii U – sales figures are down 51% in the last quarter while Asda has removed the unpopular console from its shelves.

It’s fair to say that Nintendo must be a little disappointed in results from its Wii U console. Following the incredible success of the original Wii they must have been expecting similarly impressive results from the improved device which featured, among other things, a second screen that would work independently while also being a controller for the main device.

However, recent figures show that this has not proven to be the case and only 160,000 Wii U units were sold in the last quarter, a drop of 51% compared the previous quarter. Nintendo blames the lack of third party titles for the slump and this is a problem that has dogged the system since its launch. Continue reading