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PS4 Becomes Best Selling Console Ever

Sony Playstation 4Sony’s Playstation 4 sold 250,000 units in just 48 hours, making it the biggest console launch ever, outstripping the Xbox One by a massive 100,000 sales.

The next generation console wars are well under way, and going by UK figures alone, it would seem that Sony has the battle all wrapped up with its Playstation 4. The device was launched last Friday, a week later than the Xbox One. Within 48 hours it had sold a staggering 250,000 consoles. This means that it outsold the previous best performer, the PSP, and took a massive leap ahead of Microsoft’s 150,000 sales of their Xbox One console.

The Xbox One’s 150,000 and Sony PS4’s 250,000 sales mean that both systems have already outsold the Wii U, which has been on sale for more than a year. Continue reading

Sony Playstation 4 Hits UK Shelves

Sony Playstation 4The Sony Playstation 4 has gone on sale in the UK. It’s cheaper than the Xbox One, more powerful, and designed primarily for gamers. Will it be enough to take the console crown back from Microsoft?

Sony effectively messed up the last generation of console wars. Although they had enjoyed considerable success with the Playstation 2, they released the PS3 a year after the Xbox 360, and although the system was arguably better, they had too much ground to make up. The PS3 offered free online gaming, but no cross game chat. It was also a lot more expensive than the Xbox 360. Have they put things right with the new PS4?

One big difference between the way that the two devices were marketed was that Sony shifted the PS3 as an all-in-one device that combined console gaming with multimedia entertainment. Continue reading

More Than A Million PS4 Sold In 24 Hours

play-station-4Sony has sold more than a million of its Playstation 4 consoles, just 24 hours after release despite the fact that it has yet to launch in the UK or the rest of the Europe.

We in the UK are used to having to wait for our new devices. Very few companies release here, first, presumably because it takes a little longer to get devices to our shores, and because there just aren’t that many of us. Most of the time, we wait quite patiently, gorging ourselves on news of releases across the world. When it comes to new consoles, though, we hate waiting, especially when we have already been waiting seven long years for a new release.

This month sees the release of both the Sony Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. Whichever side of the fence you sit, it’s time to start getting sweaty palms in anticipation of the biggest gaming release in many years. Continue reading

PS4 Proving More Popular In The US

play station 4A limited poll conducted in the USA shows that more people are likely to buy the PS4 than they are the Xbox One. Can the two next generation consoles prove a much needed tonic for a struggling games industry?

If you listen to games publishers then it is difficult to turn a profit making blockbuster, big budget games. Of course, if you’re Rockstar and you’re releasing the latest in the GTA series then nothing could seem further from the truth, as they shifted £500m on release day. The launch of two next generation consoles could be enough to attract gamers away from smartphones and tablets and back to the dedicated gaming system.

A poll conducted in the USA shows that the PS4 is currently some way ahead, in terms of popularity. This could be because the PS4 will cost less and because Microsoft messed up their Continue reading

Xbox One And Playstation 4 Updates

xbox-one-playstation-4The battle of the next generation of games consoles has really heated up. Sony announced basic the details of its Playstation 4 machine some time ago and Microsoft has finally followed suit. For gamers, the two machines have very similar specs, but they have taken a different approach regarding the system and how they envisage it being used. The Xbox is going all multimedia with Microsoft having designs on your living room while Sony has taken a more cloud based approach but which will win out? There have been a number of new developments from both parties, as neither wants to be far away from the limelight for too long.

It turns out that Microsoft are fully behind cloud gaming and they have announced that they are increasing the number of servers that they use from the current 15,000 to a proposed 300,000 – a Continue reading

Latest PS4 News

play station 4For a change, we have some news straight from the horse’s mouth regarding one of the year’s most hotly anticipated home gadgets – the Sony Playstation 4. The next generation console is set for launch later in the year, with rumours suggesting a global release date to ensure that everybody will be able to get their hands on one at the same time. It has also been announced that Sony have done everything they can to design a system that is less expensive than its predecessor proved to be. Despite this, there is some pretty innovative tech lined up under the hood and as peripherals.

The system looks like it will blow not only the existing PS3 but its rivals out of the water too. It has Continue reading