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Xbox One price cut to match out-performing PlayStation 4

xboxMicrosoft is to drop the price of its new Xbox One console – just over three months after its release.

The console, currently priced in the UK at £429, with a bundled game, will drop to £399 on Friday and will include major title Titanfall in the package.

So far, the drop will only apply to the UK.

The new cost brings the console in line with the price of Sony’s PlayStation 4, which is outselling Microsoft’s machine.

However, the PlayStation 4 can be bought without a game for £349. Continue reading

Microsoft Sells 1 Million Xbox Ones Despite Disc Drive Problem

Xbox-One-ConsoleMicrosoft has enjoyed a successful launch, selling more than a million units in the first 24 hours, despite reports of problems with the disc drive from a number of users.

In the UK, at least, the next generation console war has yet to really heat up, although that will change on Friday, when the PS4 finally hits our shelves. However, for the rest of the world, the competition is very much on. Sony enjoy high levels of sales and success, and it is unlikely that anybody wanting a PS4 that hasn’t yet ordered one will be able to get their hands on a unit until after Christmas.

Microsoft has also enjoyed a successful start to its new generation, having sold more than a million units in the first 24 hours of its release. What’s more, of the 16 titles released with the console, 14 of them have entered the top 40 games chart. Continue reading

Xbox One Launch Marks Round One Of Next Generation Console Wars

Xbox-One-ConsoleThe Xbox One launched at midnight last night and has opened up the first round of the next generation console wars, although early signs would seem to indicate that Microsoft may struggle to compete with Sony this time around.

The next generation console wars have started in earnest in the UK, as consumers it shops at midnight last night, to get their hands on the Microsoft Xbox One; a device that Microsoft hopes will take centre stage in the living room, rather than nestled under the trolley in the back room, or up in the kid’s bedroom. Continue reading

Xbox One Released On Friday

Xbox-One-ConsoleThe first of the next generation of consoles to hit UK shelves is released on Friday. The Xbox One aims to steal a European march over its Microsoft rivals by launching a week before the PlayStation 4.

It has felt like a very long time since Microsoft announced that it would be releasing the PlayStation 4 this year, but the time is very nearly upon us. While the Playstation 4 has already launched in the US, it won’t be reaching our shelves until Friday 29th November. Before then, we have the release of the new Microsoft Xbox One, which launches this Friday 22nd November. A number of fortunate reviews have already got their hands on the device, so you can judge which of the two consoles you plump for, rather than spending £800 buying both. Continue reading

Microsoft Accidentally Ships Xbox One Early

Xbox-One-ConsoleMicrosoft has had to ban an Xbox One gamer from playing his console, as a small handful of pre-ordered devices have been delivered two weeks prior to the launch date of the console.

We’re nearly halfway through November and that means the next generation console wars are about to begin. Sony’s PlayStation 4 will take on the Microsoft Xbox One and, seven years after the release of the PS3 and 8 years after the release of the Xbox 360, it’s fair to say that gamers are getting a little excited. A small handful of gamers who received their boxed version of the Microsoft Xbox One were a little more excited than the rest of the world.

It is believed that two or three new consoles were shipped early to people that had pre-ordered the system. One user posted an update on Twitter, and a video on YouTube, showing that the system took 17 seconds to boot up. He also showed that he was able to download the first patch. Continue reading

Microsoft Delays Launch In 8 Countries And Won’t Require Kinect To Work

Xbox-One-ConsoleMicrosoft has said that it is delaying the release of the Xbox One in eight European countries until next year and have also said that the system won’t require the Kinect in order to work.

Microsoft executives must be shattered and have calves of steel from the amount of back pedalling they’ve had to do in recent months. The console initially required a daily Internet connection, but now only requires a one-time connection during setup. The playing and purchasing of second hand games was going to be restricted, but the restrictions have now been lifted. Continue reading