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Xbox 360 Knocks Wii Off Console Top Spot

xbox-360-logoMicrosoft’s Xbox 360 has overtaken the Nintendo Wii to become the best selling console of this generation. Dismay from gamers means that they may not be so successful in the next gen battle.

GfK Chart Track has said that the Xbox 360 is about to knock the Nintendo Wii from its perch as the biggest selling console of this generation; a major feat when you consider how popular the Nintendo system has proven with gamers and people of all ages. It helped to bring consoles from the bedroom into the living room and as well as kids and parents, it saw grandparents and the older generation taking to gaming in a big way. However, the hardcore and more serious gamers have seemingly responded. Continue reading

Xbox One Vs Xbox 360 – 10 Times More Powerful But Same Price For Games

xboxMicrosoft Studios VP Phil Spencer states that Xbox One is 10 more powerful than Xbox 360 for local gaming. Microsoft has also said that games will remain the same price compared to those on the Xbox 360.

Whenever a next generation of console is released, we expect to see big improvements and that was certainly true when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released. They brought HD gaming possibilities to our homes and while it can take a while for game producers to really get to grips with the technology and produce high quality titles, once it does happen, we normally see the very best games. So, expectations were pretty high following the announcement of Microsoft’s next generation console the Xbox One. Continue reading

Microsoft To Launch Xbox Mini Media Player

xboxSony has learned from its console mistakes of the past and is ready to launch the Playstation 4, which will include cross game chat, but there has not yet been any official word on Microsoft’s rival Xbox machine. However, as is the trend with such releases, the rumours have started to fly regarding the release of what has been given an unofficial working title of the Xbox 720 – the Xbox Mini has also been rumoured and this seems unusual and interesting enough to have some merit to it. Continue reading