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Sony to sell off VAIO division

Sony-VaioThe Japanese company will begin selling off the PC business in July, Japan Industrial Partners will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will “cease planning, design ad development of PC products”.

The news comes as a shock, as VAIO has always been associated with high-end design, and had many admirers in the technology world.

Sony says that there are a variety of reasons including “drastic changes in the global PC industry”.

JIP’s new company will initially focus on selling VAIO-branded computers in Japan; it plans to hire between 250 and 300 Sony employees for the venture. Continue reading

Gigabyte Launches The P35K

gigP35K_2Gigabyte has launched what is not only the world’s lightest gaming laptop, but one that adopts an unusually modest approach to gaming device design.

Typically, if you want to buy a gaming rig, whether it is desk or lap bound, you have to choose from a selection of ridiculously pimped out devices. Swathes of neon, oodles of tattoos and skins, and a variety of different hood ornaments are the usual addition to a gaming computer. However, Gigabyte has broken the mould with their latest release, the P35K.

Gone are the garish colours, the lavish vents, and the often unnecessarily shouty designs. Instead, the P35K looks like it has been designed for use by people that have passed puberty. It could even be said that it has a certain air of respectability about it. Continue reading

Dell Offer To Replace Laptops That Smell Of Cat Wee

dell-laptop-smell-of-cat-weeDell users have been told that they can replace their laptop, after it emerged that a manufacturing process has led to the Latitude 6430u giving off an odour of cat wee.

Laptop owners often find that they have things to complain about. The nature of the device means that there is a lot of technology typically crammed into a relatively small package, and this is especially true of the high end devices that are usually geared towards business users. One such device is the Dell Latitude 6430u – an otherwise great device that has been found to be the cause of a strong cat urine smell.

Many users have complained of the smell, saying that they had initially blamed their cat, or had been told to try blasting air at the laptop fans to clean them. However, no matter what was tried and no matter which cat was blamed, the smell did not go away. Continue reading

Lenovo Launches Yoga 2 Line At IFA 2013

Lenovo-Idea-Pad-Yoga-2-Pro-takes-on-the-ATIV-Q-with-3200x1800-pixels-keeps-it-bendyLenovo has launched the second line of its unique Yoga 2 line of hybrid devices. The Yoga 2 Pro is a 13.3” consumer device while the smaller 12.5” Thinkpad Yoga is geared towards business users.

Lenovo took a distinctly different approach to its hybrid devices when compared to other manufacturers. They decided that detachable keyboards and swivel screens weren’t the best way to do it and instead offer a screen that revolves 360° to change between laptop and tablet. It does raise certain concerns over how well the keyboard will withstand acting as a base but it also offers excellent convenience and functionality.

The first line of Yoga devices were launched in October of last year and this year’s releases will have higher resolution screens and faster processors ensuring that they can definitely be considered second generation. Continue reading

Lenovo Launches New Thinkpad S531

Lenovo thinkpad S531Lenovo launched a new 15.6” Thinkpad S531 ultrabook with HD screen, aluminium LCD cover, and can be can be configured with up to 10GB of memory and 500GB of internal storage.

Lenovo took the somewhat unusual step of launching its latest ultrabook during London Fashion Week rather than a technology or computer show. Don’t let this put you off straight away, though – it has some decent features, not least the full HD display.

The Thinkpad S531 looks good with a sand blasted and anodised LCD aluminium case. It also has a thin bezel and bevelled edges which Lenovo claim makes the device look like it is floating over Continue reading

The Asus Transformer – A Laptop, Tablet, And PC In Disguise

Asus TransformerAsus have announced an upgraded addition to their Asus Transformer range of PCs in the Transformer Book Trio. It combines the features of a laptop, desktop, and tablet while also offering both Android and Windows 8.

The newly announced Asus Transformer Book Trio isn’t entirely sure what it is or what it does. The concept of the machine looks good on paper but, in reality, it’s likely to be just too complex for the majority of users and the price tag it’s going to demand means that it may be more convenient to buy two devices.

Two-in-one devices are, according to many analysts, the future. They will overtake the tablet although the size and bulk that is required to combine a laptop and tablet typically means that while Continue reading