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Gigabyte Launches The P35K

gigP35K_2Gigabyte has launched what is not only the world’s lightest gaming laptop, but one that adopts an unusually modest approach to gaming device design.

Typically, if you want to buy a gaming rig, whether it is desk or lap bound, you have to choose from a selection of ridiculously pimped out devices. Swathes of neon, oodles of tattoos and skins, and a variety of different hood ornaments are the usual addition to a gaming computer. However, Gigabyte has broken the mould with their latest release, the P35K.

Gone are the garish colours, the lavish vents, and the often unnecessarily shouty designs. Instead, the P35K looks like it has been designed for use by people that have passed puberty. It could even be said that it has a certain air of respectability about it. Continue reading

Will You Swap Your Xbox One Or PS4 For A Razer Blade?

razer blade laptop xlThe gaming laptop is something of a strange beast. The concept of a laptop is that it’s portable but if you’ve ever picked up or shared a room with a dedicated gaming laptop then its considerable size and weight will baffle. However, Razer is changing all that with the release of the predictably named Razer Blade. The new laptop, which is currently only available for pre-order in the USA and Canada, measures a mere 0.66 inches thick while still packing more than enough power to run the latest games.

The Blade is a slip of a thing, measuring 0.66 inches thick and weighing just 1.9kg. Despite its Continue reading