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Will You Swap Your Xbox One Or PS4 For A Razer Blade?

razer blade laptop xlThe gaming laptop is something of a strange beast. The concept of a laptop is that it’s portable but if you’ve ever picked up or shared a room with a dedicated gaming laptop then its considerable size and weight will baffle. However, Razer is changing all that with the release of the predictably named Razer Blade. The new laptop, which is currently only available for pre-order in the USA and Canada, measures a mere 0.66 inches thick while still packing more than enough power to run the latest games.

The Blade is a slip of a thing, measuring 0.66 inches thick and weighing just 1.9kg. Despite its Continue reading

QWERTY To Be Replaced By 34% Faster KALQ Keyboard

kalq-keyboardResearchers at St Andrews University have developed a new touch screen keyboard that they claim enables you to type messages and emails up to 34% quicker than a touch screen QWERTY keyboard. The new keyboard, which will be released as a free Android app, has been created specifically so that we can use it for two thumb typing. Continue reading

HP Launches First Chromebook

HP ChromebooksChromebooks, which are netbooks powered by Google’s Chrome Operating System, haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Recent figures show that just 0.02% of web traffic comes from such devices. However, HP could be about to change that, or at least give Google good reason to get just a little bit excited about the future of their laptop OS.

HP first mentioned the Pavilion 14 Chromebook three months ago but it has taken until today for it to hit shelves and start selling. In fact, visit the Dixons or HP Store Online today and you can pick  up one of the devices for £249 today. Continue reading