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BlackBerry’s next Smartphone to bring back old Keyboard, Trackpad

blackberry smartphoneBlackBerry’s next smartphone is reportedly set to bring back the good old physical keyboard, additional buttons and integrated trackpad.

The company announced the phone at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

According to The Verge, the BlackBerry Q20 would also sport a 3.5-inch screen, the largest yet for a QWERTY BlackBerry device, along with a ‘large battery.’

Blackberry CEO John Chen said that the phone has been ‘designed to give users the distinct experience that every BlackBerry QWERTY loyalist and high-productivity business customer absolutely loves. Continue reading

Blackberry Will Not Abandon Smartphones And Won’t Swap To Android

BlackberryBlackberry’s new chief, John Chen, has rubbished claims that the company will stop making smartphones, and has also said that they will not dump the BlackBerry 10 operating system in preference for Android.

Blackberry has really struggled to keep up with the smartphone market. When touch screen devices became popular, they stuck to their guns by continuing to offer a full QWERTY keyboard and, while they have now launched several touch screen devices, some still incorporating a physical keyboard as well, consumers just haven’t warmed to them. Service outages and other major problems have further damaged the reputation of a company that was considered to be highly desirable. Continue reading

Blackberry Launch New Z30 But Are Preparing To Lay Off Thousands

2287-2c2a55ca_680_400Blackberry has launched its latest flagship phone, the Z30, but still looks set to make thousands redundant by the end of the year. Blackberry Messenger will launch on iOS and Android this weekend.

Blackberry was once the driving force behind smartphone sales. While other manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola concentrated their efforts on feature phones, the Blackberry held the majority share of the smartphone market, holding particular appeal with business and professional users. However, recent years have not been kind to the phone manufacturer and despite several attempts to try and rekindle the world’s love affair with the phone, there has even been talk of Research In Motion selling the Blackberry brand. Continue reading

Blackberry A10 Will Be Aimed At Gamers

Blackberry A10A number of leaks have surfaced regarding the Blackberry A10 and these would indicate a 5 inch AMOLED screen and a system that is heavily geared towards gamers and power users.

Blackberry phones have long been considered the ideal choice for business users but it is a tag that the company has been attempting to remove in recent years. Following reports that the struggling manufacturer wants to compete directly with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines, the Blackberry A10 would seem to be a step in this direction, if the rumours are to be believed. Continue reading

Porsche Design Release £4k Blackberry Design

blackberry-porsche-designIf you find brushed aluminium a little passé and plastic just too common, and opulence is more your style then the new Porsche Design P9981 Blackberry Gold will offer the bling that you’re looking for. The phone dispenses with common metals like brushed aluminium and instead uses 24 carat gold. Meanwhile, continuing in a similar vein, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is offering virtual concierge services to its guests via gold plated iPads.

Regardless of global economic status and recessions, there’s always a plethora of people and Continue reading

A Whole Swathe Of Blackberry News

BlackberryBlackberry are certainly proving to be highly active in their bid to reclaim smartphone market share. News of new releases, the extensions of the popular Messaging service, and the development of an S4 sized smartphone was tempered by the possibility that the Playbook will not receive a Blackberry 10 update.

The new Blackberry Q5 is, not necessarily just in name, half of the iPhone priced Q10. The Q5 is a low cost QWERTY phone that also features a 3.1inch touch screen and will be available in a range of colours. It will have 2GB of RAM and 8GB flash memory when it is released in the UK in July this year. The front facing camera will be 2MP but the rear facing will be 5MP and it will, of course, include Blackberry Messenger. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but it will almost certainly cost less than the arguably overpriced Q10. Continue reading