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Facebook gets the message: the strategy for WhatsApp

facebook-whatsappIt took just ten days for Facebook to make by far its largest acquisition and quite possibly the most expensive acquisition of a private venture capital-backed company yet.

The social network spent up to $19bn on WhatsApp, the fast-growing chat app, on Wednesday after Mark Zuckerberg met with its founders the Sunday before last.

WhatsApp is a publicity-shy, 50-person outfit based just down the road from Facebook. Unlike many companies in Silicon Valley, which drink up as much funding as possible, it was run leanly on funding of only about $60m, half as much as the much smaller Snapchat. Unlike most internet Continue reading

Facebook’s Instagram Direct Launches As Instant Messaging Service

Facebook owned Instagram has launched Instagram Direct, which enables users to post updates to groups of 15 or less people, rather than having to broadcast to every follower.

Instagram has undergone some significant changes in the past few months, including the addition of video sharing and adverts. However, the site remains, at its heart, a photo driven mobile sharing service. It is aimed at mobile users, and it continues to encourage the sharing of Continue reading

78% Of Top iOS And Android Apps Have Been Compromised

ARXANResearch conducted by Arxan Technologies shows that 100% of the top 100 paid Android apps, and 56% of the top 100 Apple iOS apps have had their security compromised.

The proliferation of mobile devices, and an increase in the amount of time people spend using apps, means that app security has become more important Continue reading

Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 Has $800,000 Prize Pool

samsung-smart-app-challenge-2013Samsung has opened its Smart App Challenge 2013 with the promise of $800,000 in prize money to the developers that can come up with the best and most innovative apps using the Samsung Chord Software Development Kit (SDK). The Chord SDK offers a platform for encouraging interaction and communication between Samsung devices without the need for a mobile network or any online server, also known as peer-to-peer technology. Continue reading

Angry Birds 3D Movie In The Making

angry birdsThe Angry Birds app was a true phenomenon that bagged its creators billions of pounds in profits and spawned a generation of overpriced merchandise as well as a slew of sometimes dodgy licensed games. It was even turned into an animated kids’ TV programme and Sony has now announced that we will be subjected to a complete barrage of the senses when they release a 3D film version as part of the franchise.

The first Angry Birds game has attracted more than 12 million downloads from Apple’s App Store Continue reading

Only One In Ten UK Apps Are Paid For

Mobile AppsResearch by has shown that only around one in ten apps downloaded by UK users is a paid for app and the rest are free or freemium. The research shows that Londoners are most willing to pay for apps and download the most while it is the 18-24 year olds that download the most; they, however, use only a small portion of the apps they do download.

Users aged between 55 and 64 download a relatively small number of apps but are obviously Continue reading