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Apple again seeks decisive U.S. court ruling against Samsung

Apple-vs-SamsungApple and Samsung return to federal court on Tuesday for opening statements in their latest patent battle, with the iPhone maker expected to present more detailed evidence in its attempt to win a U.S. ban on sales of several Samsung smartphones.

Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd have been litigating around the world for nearly three years. Jurors awarded the iPhone maker about $930 million after a 2012 trial in San Jose, California, but Apple failed to persuade U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to issue a permanent injunction against the sale of Samsung phones. Continue reading

Samsung launches Galaxy S5 in India

Samsung-Galaxy-S5The much awaited Galaxy S5 is set to hit stores starting from April 11 in 150 countries including India. For the past many years, the Samsung Galaxy has been the most foreseen smartphone launches along with the iPhone and the Nexus devices. Galaxy S5 is expected to be priced between Rs 51,000 to Rs 53,000., though the special pricing has not been shared by the company yet.

Samsung also announced three wearable devices. Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. These devices will be available across the country through Samsung’s retail stores and e-commerce sites from April 11 onwards. Galaxy Gear 2 is priced at Rs.21,900 and both Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear Fit are priced at Rs.15,900. Continue reading

Samsung launches Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 Android smartphone aims to ditch gimmicky features for a fingerprint sensor and heart rate and fitness tracking.

The slightly larger and more powerful smartphone has a fingerprint reader directly under the home button, which will unlock the smartphone and authenticate PayPal payments, taking the fingerprint-reading battle to Apple, its chief rival in the smartphone market.

“People don’t want a load of complex features, they just features have an impact during everyday life, like a personal fitness tracker and a super fast camera, so we’ve made the new device based on those principles,” said James White, head of strategy and product marketing for Samsung UK talking to the Guardian. Continue reading

Samsung Planning To Launch Three Sided Wrap Around Phone Display

tumblr_mudq0mty9j1r3kmkso1_500Mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung, are preparing a wraparound phone screen that will display images and text on the sides as well as the front.

Hot on the heels of the first curved screen phone, the Samsung Galaxy Curve, Samsung are working on a wraparound screen that will offer a three sided display. The upgrade will be the latest in the Youm series of flexible phone screens and will offer users the capability of being able to read messages from an angle, and will offer the chance to display updates and alerts, as well as share prices and other ticker style data to phone owners.

Meanwhile, the Korean manufacturer has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 phone. It will have a number of feature and hardware upgrades over its predecessor, the original Galaxy Grand. Continue reading

Samsung Unveils NX300M Compact Camera Featuring Tizen

samsung-nx300m-3Samsung has announced that the NX300M compact camera will be the first device launched, utilising the Tizen camera operating system developed in partnership with Intel.

The Tizen Camera Platform has been jointly developed by Samsung and Intel, and reports had suggested that Samsung was ready to ditch Android in preference for this new platform. Reports also hinted at the first release of the system would be implanted in a smartphone camera, with many analysts and experts decreeing that it may even be present in an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of these reports have been quashed, but a release of the camera system is going ahead full steam. Continue reading

Samsung Wants To Be Loved And Promises Foldable Screen In 2015

samsung_conceptSamsung’s head of mobile has said that they want to become the biggest tablet seller and the most loved brand. They have also promised foldable smartphone screens by 2015.

Samsung is used to ruling the roost in its markets. They were already the world’s biggest TV manufacturer when they launched the Galaxy range of mobile phones to compete with the Apple iPad. Now, as the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, the company’s had of mobile has said that they intend to overtake Apple as the biggest manufacturer of tablets too.

JK Shin also iterated the company’s desire to become the most loved mobile brand; another accolade that is currently held by Apple. Things could be about to get even more personal between the two mobile giants. Continue reading