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iPhone 5S Three Times More Popular Than 5C In The UK

iphone_5c_and_5sThe iPhone 5S has sold three times as many units as the budget 5C variant. However, iOS still saw a 4% drop for the third quarter of the year when compared to 2012.

We don’t really understand the point of the 5C. It is billed as being the budget iPhone, and its cheap plastic looks certainly hold to this. However, it is still far from being a budget phone and you could end up paying £500 or more depending on the amount of memory you want. We find it remarkable that Apple has only sold three times more of the premium 5S units than the budget 5C units, but it is apparently bringing in new Apple users.

One figure that doesn’t seem to bear this fact out, is the considerable market share drop endured by iOS. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 525 Unveiled

nokia-lumia-525Nokia have officially unveiled the Lumia 525, the successor to the popular Lumia 520. Dual core processor, 5mp camera, and is likely to cost £150, like its predecessor.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was one of the most popular handsets of its generation, and has proven the champion of both the Lumia range and Windows Phone smartphones. It cut a few corners in order to launch at less than £150 but it didn’t suffer too much for those cuts. The battery was quite weak and there could have been more RAM but it was a decent quality phone for a decent budget. The Lumia 525, a mere rumour a few days ago but now confirmed by Nokia, looks like it will follow in the footsteps of the 520.

The Lumia 525 has a 1,430mAH battery, which Nokia claims will give 17 hours of talk time or 336 hours of standby. Rather than the 512MB of RAM, you now receive double that with 1GB of RAM and the difference should be noticeable when you’re playing games and using apps. Continue reading

Google Releases Wireless Qi Charger For Nexus Devices

nexus-wireless-charger-1Google has launched a Qi wireless charger on Play Store, costing the equivalent of just over £30. It is not yet available in the UK, but is designed to be compatible with the Nexus 4, 5, and 7.

Wireless charging is something that the real geeks of the world can get particularly excited about. The current technology still requires that you have wires running from the plug to the charging plate, but as the technology improves and you can charge over a greater distance, even this could soon diminish. Wireless technology would genuinely be upon us. For now, we have to make with do with the convenience of being able to charge without plugging your phone or tablet in. Continue reading

Finnish Smartphone Startup Jolla To Release First Handset

finnishsmartphone_JollaA Finnish smartphone startup called Jolla has announced its first handset, a reasonably priced, Sailfish powered 4.5” device. There’s no word as to whether it will reach the UK yet.

In the same way that the Google Nexus 7 transformed the budget end of the tablet market, the Moto G, from Google owned smartphone maker Motorola, has changed the way that we look at budget and mid-range smartphones. Until the announcement of the Moto G, for example, the impending arrival of the new Jolla smartphone would have been considered really good value for money. While it still looks to be a decent phone and at a reasonable price, it doesn’t quite stack up against the G. Continue reading

Samsung Unveils NX300M Compact Camera Featuring Tizen

samsung-nx300m-3Samsung has announced that the NX300M compact camera will be the first device launched, utilising the Tizen camera operating system developed in partnership with Intel.

The Tizen Camera Platform has been jointly developed by Samsung and Intel, and reports had suggested that Samsung was ready to ditch Android in preference for this new platform. Reports also hinted at the first release of the system would be implanted in a smartphone camera, with many analysts and experts decreeing that it may even be present in an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of these reports have been quashed, but a release of the camera system is going ahead full steam. Continue reading

More Than 80% Of Third Quarter Smartphones Were Running Android

Android Fitness AppsRecent figures released by research firm IDC, show that Android accounted for 81% of all smartphone sales during the third quarter, with Samsung unsurprisingly taking the lead.

The battle between Android and iOS has, in some respects, been over for a long time. Not only is Android open source, but it is seemingly quite easy for smartphone manufacturers to customise, use, and sell. It can be adapted to be used on numerous device types, too, and this has helped it overtake Apple’s iOS. iOS, on the other hand, is only available on Apple devices, so it is not really surprising that it is losing out.

Recent figures show the exact extent of Android’s domination in the market. Research firm IDC shows that 81% of all smartphones sold during the third quarter of the year were packing the Continue reading