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Google gives U.K. government ‘special access’ to YouTube

YouTubeImgNational security officials in the United Kingdom will be given “special access” to some key YouTube features by Google, The Irish Times reports.

Apparently Google will give officials in the U.K. the ability to raise a “super flag” on videos that they deem dangerous to national security.

The Irish Times says that these “super flagger” powers mean that any content that U.K. Continue reading

Twitter Shares Plunge Due to Lack of User Growth

Twitter Social Music AppNearly $6.5bn was lost in extended trading yesterday, after the social media company’s first set of results showed a dramatic slowdown in user growth.

The number of people who use the social network at least once a month grew 30pc to 241m in December. However, that marked a slowdown on the 39pc year-on-year increase the previous year.

The company’s revenues more than doubled from $317m to $655m last year, accelerating faster than expected in the final quarter to $243m, up 116pc. Meanwhile, the company’s full-year losses widened from $79.4m to $645.3m, including a $511.5m loss in the final three months of 2013. Continue reading

Facebook celebrates it’s 10th anniversary

facebookTen years ago, thefacebook, as it was then known, sprang into life.

Created from a few lines of code in Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm, it soon expanded far beyond it’s college limits.

Zuckerberg is now a billionaire, and in 2012 floated Facebook on the stock market, but despite many predicting it’s demise, Zuckerberg says there is still more to come, and he has yet to reach the limit of his ambitions.

Yesterday, Facebook released it’s new application ‘Paper’, which aims to cut down your news feed and feed it to you in chunks. The app is US only for now, but is likely to come to the UK soon. Continue reading