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LG TVs Get Wuaki TV App

wuaki-tv-LG-TVNew model televisions from LG will now have access to the new streaming and rental service, LG joins Samsung and Panasonic on an ever increasing list of companies to offer the service.

If you wanted smart TV, or Internet TV functionality, you would, until a few months ago, have had to choose between Netflix and a couple of others. However, Japanese company has already made a reasonable name for itself, thanks to a considerable catalogue of content and a unique pricing model that combines a subscription model and the ability to rent the latest blockbuster titles.

For a streaming service like this to perform well, it needs to offer access to a decent catalogue of media. It also needs to have an attractive pricing model, and it should be widely accessible. Simply offering your service on the Internet will not help ensure that you get the number of customers you need. Continue reading