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LG TVs Get Wuaki TV App

wuaki-tv-LG-TVNew model televisions from LG will now have access to the new streaming and rental service, LG joins Samsung and Panasonic on an ever increasing list of companies to offer the service.

If you wanted smart TV, or Internet TV functionality, you would, until a few months ago, have had to choose between Netflix and a couple of others. However, Japanese company has already made a reasonable name for itself, thanks to a considerable catalogue of content and a unique pricing model that combines a subscription model and the ability to rent the latest blockbuster titles.

For a streaming service like this to perform well, it needs to offer access to a decent catalogue of media. It also needs to have an attractive pricing model, and it should be widely accessible. Simply offering your service on the Internet will not help ensure that you get the number of customers you need. Continue reading

Piixl Jetpack Is SteamOS Device That Fixes To The Back Of Your TV

Piixl JetpackPiixl is one of the latest companies to announce that they will be launching a SteamOS powered gaming device. This one differs from the pack because it fixes to the back of the TV rather than having to sit under it.

The Steam Machine is a gaming device that is more akin to a desktop computer than a games console, and for a number of reasons. It has interchangeable hardware, and SteamOS has said that it will be inviting companies to create customised versions for release and sale to their customers. UK based Piixl has announced that they will be launching a version of the Steam Machine that is a little different to other proposed models.

Not everybody wants their game console on display, and would rather secrete it somewhere a little more subtle than on the living room table or under the TV. For those with wall mounted TVs, the problem of finding the ideal location for the games machine can prove even more difficult. Continue reading

Currys To Launch Pioneer TVs Back Into The UK

poineer-tvThe owner of Currys and PC World has struck a deal that will see Pioneer televisions released in Europe once again. This is the first time the sets will be seen in Europe since 2010.

Pioneer is a brand that will be stamped on the heart of many a former boy-racer. They created some of the most popular stickers to put on the back windows of cars ever made. Apparently, they also launched some reasonably good car stereos and speaker systems but they were almost inconsequential compared to the apparent kudos of having the stickers. An advert to stereo thieves they may have been, but they were also a badge of honour, akin to an ASBO.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t perform as well with its range of plasma TVs. The Kuro range was heavily praised by critics, but it failed to hit sales targets in Europe and this led to Pioneer Continue reading

Sony Posts And Removes Details Of Google TV BRAVIA Smart Stick

sony-bravia-smartstickSony posted details of its BRAVIA Smart Stick online yesterday before removing them, ahead of the device’s proposed official unveiling this week. The BRAVIA Smart Stick comes with a universal remote.

The world of Smart TV and Google TV devices is finally taking off; in fact, you could say it’s becoming crowded now. The Google Chromecast promises an Internet TV Dongle for around £20 and joins the likes of the Roku and Apple TV as offering a means of streaming video and online content directly to your TV. The announcement of the dongle has also seen rumours of a new Apple TV update soon becoming available. Continue reading

We’re Falling In Love With The Living Room TV Again

sony ultra hd tvsFigures from Ofcom show that, while we are increasingly likely to be using a smartphone or other mobile device while doing so, we are also more likely to watch our living room TV sets again.

We, as consumers, have been treating our living room TVs badly apparently. Following a honeymoon period of several decades where the TV became increasingly ubiquitous, the advent of devices like advanced smartphones and tablets meant that many of us were turning our attention away from the TV. However, TV relationship counsellor Ofcom has said that the trend is reversing and we are falling in love with the big screen again. Continue reading

Sky Launches £10 Set Top Box To Rival Apple TV And Google ChromeCast

new-sky-tv-set-boxSky has announced the launch of a new £10 set top box that will connect to any TV and offer access to Internet TV including Sky Now and BBC iPlayer. The device will compete with Apple TV and Google ChromeCast.

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of the ChromeCast TV dongle which connects to TV set top boxes and enables users to access TV stations and Internet TV. The dongle will compete with Apple TV and represents Google’s third foray into the Internet TV market. It seems that Google aren’t the only ones that want a piece of the Internet TV market either as Sky have today announced that they are launching a device that is slightly larger than the Google dongle but is even cheaper and will offer many of the same services. Continue reading