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Omate TrueSmart Standalone Android Smartwatch Now Available To Pre-Order

Omate-TrueSmart-Smartwatch-1The Omate TrueSmart is a unique smartwatch, operating independently of smartphones, and providing a truly smart experience for buyers. It’s now available for pre-order having achieved its Kickstarter target.

The smartwatch revolution has struggled a little. The problem is that devices like the Galaxy Gear are expensive, and require the purchase of an expensive smartphone. You can’t buy and use a Gear unless you have a Galaxy Note or the latest Galaxy smartphone, and that’s a problem. Despite this, there is still some interest for the devices, and Omate could be the first company to really test the water and determine whether there is viability in the manufacture and sale of this wearable tech.

The TrueSmart concept was brought to market in the same way all good innovations are, now; via the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. It had, and met, an initial target of $100,000 and the company has now completed production of the device so it is ready to pre-order for anybody that is interested in buying. Continue reading

ZTE Joining The Wearable Tech Market Next Year With A New Smartwatch

zte-logoBudget smartphone makers ZTE have said that they will release a smartwatch next year. It will be aimed at the mainstream market, costing less than but offering similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

ZTE has become the new HTC. They produce good quality, budget smartphones that offer a lot of features and specifications for their money and, according to Lu Qianhao, head of the company’s handset division, they are to produce a smartwatch in order to enter the wearable tech market too. The device will launch next year, offer similar features to the Galaxy Gear, and will be priced for the mainstream market.

Priced for the mainstream market is marketing talk for being a budget device, but Qianhao has said that the watch will offer similar features to those of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Samsung device Continue reading

Gartner Predicts Lacklustre Christmas Sales For Smartwatches

superzzooAnalyst firm Gartner has said that, although sales are on the increase, smartwatches will endure a lacklustre Christmas sales period. Consumers will prefer tablets and fitness gear.

Research and analysis firm Gartner has said that the bulky design, combined with their high price and poor consumer exposure, means that smartwatches will not be the gadget of the summer. They also said that the smartwatch would remain a mobile phone companion until 2017, when it may break away from this mould and be considered a viable means of replacing a mobile phone with a wearable tech and tablet combination. Continue reading

800,000 Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Sold In Two Months

Galaxy-Gear-008-Set1-Side_SixSamsung has announced that it has managed to sell 800,000 of its Galaxy Gear smartwatches, since the device first went on sale two months ago.

Samsung is the biggest TV manufacturer in the world, and also the largest smartphone manufacturer. According to the company, they have also outperformed predicted figures for the sale of their smartwatch, the recently released Samsung Galaxy Gear. However, there are some questions raised regarding the validity of the figures, and the watch itself has come in for some reasonably harsh criticism since its launch.

On release, even Samsung said that the 1.63” device needed some work, comparing it to a green tomato. Reviewers were equally critical, especially because it is expensive and it does require a Note or similar Samsung Galaxy device in order to enjoy the full functionality that it offers. Continue reading

HTC To Launch Android Smartwatch Next Year

htc-quietly-brilliantHTC are said to be the latest company set to join the ever expanding list of smartwatch manufacturers. Reports suggest that a new Android device from the manufacturers could be ready next year.

Reports are abound that HTC will be joining the likes of Samsung and Sony, who have already released smartwatches, and Apple, Google, and Microsoft who are currently preparing new devices, by launching their own wearable technology. The news should not be considered too much of a surprise as it comes just days after HTC CEO Peter Chou said that wearable tech was an area of particular interest to the company. Continue reading

Adidas Unveils MiCoach Smart Run Smartwatch

adidas-micoach-smart-run-watch-xlThe MiCoach Smart Run has been unveiled as a new entry into the smartwatch market by sports manufacturing giant Adidas. It is aimed at runners and monitors performance as well as physical statistics.

The smartwatch market has been growing in stature and size recently with new models from the likes of Nike already being announced, and news of launches from Samsung and even Apple either confirmed or on the horizon. There are essentially two types of smartwatch available, one that works in tandem with a smartphone or other mobile device and offers call and message features, and one that is geared more towards the runner or fitness enthusiast. Continue reading