Charity race steward directed traffic into Glasgow bus lane racking up £20,000 in camera fines

Great Scottish RunA steward directing traffic during the Great Scottish Run has been accused of sending hundreds of drivers into a bus lane – landing them with a total of £20,550 in fines.

A total of 685 tickets for £30 were issued to diverted drivers in Cathedral Street, Glasgow, on the day of the 2012 street run.

It is one of worst, most unfair incidents uncovered so far as drivers revolt over fines that have raised £9 million in just two years in Scotland’s three biggest cities.

Civil servant Nigel Cameron, 35, was stung on the day of the mass participation run after being ordered into the bus lane by a race steward.

During his successful 18-month battle against the fine, he discovered a huge rise in the number of drivers caught by the camera on the same day.

He believes most will have paid up.

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