Cheap Tablets Will Be Number 1 Christmas Gift – Along With Food Mixers

christmas-giftThe bestselling and most sought after gifts this Christmas will be tablet computers and food mixers.

January may be the time of year for resolutions, but December is the time of year for predictions. Experts, analysts, and those with a vested interest aim to predict best-selling items from seemingly every category including electronics, kid’s games, films, books, thrush cream, and nappies. Occasionally, there’s some actual reasoning and logic behind the predictions, but more often than not, they are filled with predictions that everybody could predict.

Dixons has taken both approaches in predicting the best-selling Christmas gifts from their catalogue.

The Predictable Prediction – Tablets

Dixons have had the good sense to sit and watch how sales of the PS4 and Xbox One have moved along. While both consoles have sold well, they haven’t reached the dizzying heights of tablet sales. Cheap tablets are the predictable prediction. Tablets like the Tesco Hudl and the Aldi LifeTab – tablets that will, ultimately, disappoint recipients.

They’ll be filled with junk so quickly that they will be rendered near useless by February, and all they will serve to do is cause the recipient to go out and buy a better model; a model like the iPad or, if buying on a budget, the Google Nexus or Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The Calculated Conjecture – Food Mixers

Dixons has progressed its predictions from the cool to the kitchen. They say that everybody wants to become a cook, and especially a baker. We’re not sure just how true that is, but the proliferation and the increased popularity of shows like Great British Bake Off and Masterchef would certainly indicate that we love our food.

Do we love food enough to actually want to make it from scratch?
Can you buy a budget tablet for less than £150 that’s actually any good?
Will you dare to buy your wife a food mixer for Christmas?

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