Child abuse Trafficking ‘increases’

child-traffickingThe number of UK-born children identified as being trafficked for sexual abuse more than doubled last year.

Data released by the National Crime Agency (NCA) showed that 56 minors who are from the UK were flagged up as potential victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in 2013, a rise of 155% on the previous year.

It is not clear whether they were being taken out of the country or moved within the UK, the NCA said. The number of foreign children identified as being at risk also rose by 11%, to 88%.

For children the most common nationality or country of origin was Vietnam, followed by the UK and then Albania.

The figures are the number of cases highlighted under the National Referral Mechanism (NRM), used to bring possible victims to the authorities’ attention.

The NCA said that 1,746 people from 112 different countries were highlighted as as potential victims of traffickers last year , up 47% on the previous year.

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