Could The Motorola Razr HD Be A Hidden Smartphone Gem?

motorola razr HDDespite having been bought by Google, Motorola are not only remaining fairly quiet about their smartphone chances but they have seemingly taken to bashing their own products. They are quite open about the fact that they aren’t especially interested in the current line and range. Unfortunately, the Motorola Razr HD falls into that line so don’t expect much in the way of fanfare. However, this could mean that the Razr HD slips by largely unnoticed – are we consumers missing out on a really good phone?

The Razr HD has a smaller screen than the Galaxy S3 measuring 4.7 inches. It’s also not quite as high resolution as a lot of its competitors but it is almost directly comparable to Apple’s retina screens in terms of pixels per inch. Video is crisp, text is easy to read, and the screen, like the rest of the phone seems to have been built to survive any explosion. It has a dual core 1.5GHz processor coupled with 1GB RAM. This is fast enough despite being fairly middle of the road in terms of specification.

The camera on the HD is also pretty good but nothing special. The home screens are simplified thanks to a single screen with the option to add more and the removal of duplicate icons on your screens. All in all, the Razr HD is an above average phone. It doesn’t really wow in any one area but it does everything really rather well and it does have a very good design and sturdy feel to it. It also costs around £450 – a price that’s less than the latest Samsung or iPhone. It is a phone that’s certainly worth considering.

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