Currys To Launch Pioneer TVs Back Into The UK

poineer-tvThe owner of Currys and PC World has struck a deal that will see Pioneer televisions released in Europe once again. This is the first time the sets will be seen in Europe since 2010.

Pioneer is a brand that will be stamped on the heart of many a former boy-racer. They created some of the most popular stickers to put on the back windows of cars ever made. Apparently, they also launched some reasonably good car stereos and speaker systems but they were almost inconsequential compared to the apparent kudos of having the stickers. An advert to stereo thieves they may have been, but they were also a badge of honour, akin to an ASBO.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t perform as well with its range of plasma TVs. The Kuro range was heavily praised by critics, but it failed to hit sales targets in Europe and this led to Pioneer pulling out of the European TV market in 2010. Since that date, we haven’t seen any releases of their plasma sets on UK shores.

There’s no word of whether you get to put a sticker on your living room window when you buy one, but Currys will start selling the once iconic brand in its stores. Initially, there will be a 40”, a 46”, and a 55” set available to buy, and the release date has been set for some time in December, so you may even be able to pick one up in the January sales. Unfortunately, there has been no word on the price of the sets, but they are all smart TV enabled and are all 3D sets too.

We will never turn our noses up at another range of high quality TVs being introduced to the market, but it remains a bold move by both Pioneer and Currys. Will it be a bold move that succeeds?

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