Curved OLEDs To Hit Shelves Next Month

LG_55_inch_curved_oled-580-75When it comes to new TV technologies, curved OLED is one technology that has not yet garnered mainstream fascination. Organic Light Emitting Diodes, though, could change a lot of things about the sets that we currently watch our favourite shows on. LG has announced that it will start selling curved OLED screens starting from next month, although initially only in Korea. These ultra-thin TVs could herald the design of the future so we should be paying greater attention.

OLED technology creates a crisper picture than LED and LCD sets. Despite this, they also use less energy in the process. This makes for a handsome combination and one that is currently only tempered by price because the technology remains in its infancy. In a few years, OLED screens will have been improved, developed, miniaturised, and reduced in price.

One of the most notable changes in OLED when compared to its LED predecessor is the fact that the OLED layer is considerably thinner and more flexible. This means that TV sets can be made that are less than a quarter of an inch thick. It can also be curved and this has led to the release of the new LG TV which offers exactly this designed feature.

Initially only available in Korea and costing the equivalent of about £9,000, the 55in curved OLED screen is likely to only have limited appeal when it hits shelves next month. However, it does give LG bragging rights especially over Samsung, who were the other company to unveil curved screens like this in January’s Consumer Electronics Show. There is no word when the TV will be released in other countries.

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