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SMS Overtaken By Chat Apps

chat appsInstant messaging apps like Blackberry Chat and WhatsApp have proven more popular than SMS texting according to recent figures released by Informa. The company said that while 17.6bn text messages are sent every day, there are more than 19bn instant messaging messages sent using mobile devices and this means that the technology has already overtaken its competitor. Of course, apps like WhatsApp work out less expensive than texting although it will not be possible to message everybody in your contact book. Continue reading

Samsung Announces Release Of The Galaxy Tab 3

samsung-galaxy-tab-3Samsung has announced the launch of yet another device in its ever expanding catalogue. As well as a variety of smartphones, mobile phones, and so called phablets (too big to be a phone and too small to be tablet) they have now announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. No price details have yet emerged but there are a couple of features that would seem to intimate that it will fall in the budget category rather than the high priced premium category.

The Galaxy Tab 3 is smaller than Tab 2. It has a screen that is one inch smaller and this means that the device has a sleeker form while also being thinner and lighter in comparison. It is, in fact, a mere 9.9mm thick. What we do know, Continue reading

Curved OLEDs To Hit Shelves Next Month

LG_55_inch_curved_oled-580-75When it comes to new TV technologies, curved OLED is one technology that has not yet garnered mainstream fascination. Organic Light Emitting Diodes, though, could change a lot of things about the sets that we currently watch our favourite shows on. LG has announced that it will start selling curved OLED screens starting from next month, although initially only in Korea. These ultra-thin TVs could herald the design of the future so we should be paying greater attention.
Continue reading

3 Of The Best DAB Digital Radios

dab-digital-radiosThere was a time when DAB radio was struggling to make a real go of it. People simply didn’t want to pay the massive prices that were first associated with these devices. What’s more, manufacturers seemed determine alienate potential buyers with a bizarre range of designs. Fortunately, times and technology have moved on since then and you can now get a really good looking, feature packed, DAB digital radio for relatively little outlay.

Pure One Flow

The Pure One Flow is at the lower end of budgetary requirements usually costing less than £90. It has a kitchen radio type design and it will Continue reading

Windows 8 Tablets Take 7.4% Of Tablet Market

Windows 8 TabletIt seems that the world isn’t divided into Google and Apple tablet owners, after all; there is at least a small but growing portion of the ultra mobile computer market that has taken to the latest Windows 8 tablets. Research shows that 7.4% of the tablet market is currently running a Windows 8 device. The seam figures also show that Apple’s dominant share is down while Android saw the greatest gains, as most would have expected.

There are a surprisingly healthy number of Windows 8 tablets on the market as well as a number of Continue reading

Sony Say Everything Has Been Tuned For PS4 Controller

ps4-controllersNot wanting to be outshone as the world readies itself for the big Xbox announcement that is about to land, Sony has released some more news about their next generation of console. The fact that the PS4 will feature cross game chat is major news because this was a game breaker for us. The news that the controller has been updated is a little tame in comparison but nevertheless here’s the basics. Continue reading