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Xbox One Breaks Blockbusters Preorder Record And Online Streaming Records

Xbox-One-ConsoleThe big Xbox One unveil may have left some quarters underwhelmed but it seems that preorder game buyers and web streamers were excited enough for everybody. The big announcement broke records in becoming the most widely streamed online event ever and Blockbusters has announced that the console has broken their preorder records too. Meanwhile, Amazon offered a stakeholder price of £599.99 for the system.

It was a busy day for the Xbox One despite it not being that imminent a release. Companies like Amazon have started taking preorders; the online retailer’s website offered a preorder price of Continue reading

Huawei Ascend P6 To Launch In June

huawei p6Huawei once thankfully relied on the names of mobile operators to sell their handsets but in the past few years they have proven themselves capable of manufacturing in their own rights too. Their next move into the mobile phone market looks like coming in the shape of the Ascend P6. Leads regarding a release and details of the phone have surfaced in the past few weeks and the company has sort of announced that the phone will be released on June 16th.

Huawei have produced a range of good quality mobile phones in the past few years and the Ascend marque is seemingly becoming their flagship range. The company that is still a major Continue reading

Grid 2 And Fuse Out Tomorrow

grid 2 & fuse video gamesTomorrow sees the launch of two new games, both of which will be hoping to take next week’s top charts spot. While Grid 2 has a genuine chance of achieving this, it is unlikely that Fuse will manage to muster the same crowd.

Grid 2 continues where its original predecessor left off – that is, on beautifully designed tracks behind the wheel of achingly beautiful cars but definitely under the bonnet. The game not only aims but succeeds to provide something a little different to the stat crunching and engine upgrading stats of Forza but it also aims to offer an accurate depiction of driving, albeit in a selection of different ways. Continue reading

Apple Willing To Release Apps On Android And Google Glass Is Niche

Android and AppleCEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has said that his company would be willing to release apps on Android if the opportunity was right. He also said that he believed Google Glass to be a niche product. Speaking at a conference he also discussed the Apple Maps debacle, offering iPhone owners the chance to choose home screen, and intimated that Apple may be prepared to make a move into so-called wearable technology.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said that the company has no “religious issue” with releasing apps on Android but that they would only do so if it made sense. If that constitutes a thinly veiled Continue reading

UKIE Launches PC Download Games Chart

UKIEUKIE has launched a new video game charts, this time tracking the performance of PC digital download games. In the same way that a new music download chart was launched, it seems that the digital genre is also being considered important in the video games world. UKIE has taken details from a number of publishers and other sources in order to collate a single chart that highlights the most downloaded games for the PC.

Rather than precisely mirroring the physical charts, the figures for March are a little different. In first Continue reading

LG To Launch White Nexus 4 But No Nexus 5

lg nexus 4 whiteLG has announced that it will be releasing a white version of its popular Android powered LG Nexus 4 device but that it is likely to be the last of their Nexus range. Considering that Google now own Motorola it may be reasonable to assume that they will use their manufacturing arm in order to produce the next phone, or maybe they will opt for a different manufacturer.

The Nexus 4 has proven a very popular phone. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has a 4.7inch HD screen. It also has Zerogap Touch technology which all combines Continue reading