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What Does Your Mobile Say About You?

Talk Talk HuaweiA recent TalkTalk survey shows that iPhone users are vain, Blackberry owners are loaded, and Android owners have the best manners.

TalkTalk Mobile conducted a survey of 2,000 smartphone owners to determine what particular brands of mobile phone say about their owners. So, what exactly does your mobile choice say about you and is it really relevant?

iPhone owners are vain, rating themselves as the most attractive and spend the most on personal grooming when compared to Blackberry and Android owners cementing the brand’s position as being the most fashionable. they are also the most ambitious and travel more frequently and further afield. The survey shows that the typical iPhone owner is confident, ambitious, daring, bright, and flirty. Continue reading

Sales Plummet As Wii U Is Removed From Asda Shelves

Wii-uNintendo has suffered further bad news regarding its Wii U – sales figures are down 51% in the last quarter while Asda has removed the unpopular console from its shelves.

It’s fair to say that Nintendo must be a little disappointed in results from its Wii U console. Following the incredible success of the original Wii they must have been expecting similarly impressive results from the improved device which featured, among other things, a second screen that would work independently while also being a controller for the main device.

However, recent figures show that this has not proven to be the case and only 160,000 Wii U units were sold in the last quarter, a drop of 51% compared the previous quarter. Nintendo blames the lack of third party titles for the slump and this is a problem that has dogged the system since its launch. Continue reading

Last Of Us Dethroned By Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

video gamesThe Last Of Us has been dethroned from the top of the all platform video game charts, replaced by the retail version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Pikmin 3 on the Wii U was the highest new entry, at number 2, while the only other new entry in the top 20 was New Super Luigi U in at number 13.

1 (2) – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

It’s fair to say that Minecraft has been a gaming revolution since its launch as a working title on the PC in 2009. It now has more than 25 million registered Xbox users with the majority of these coming from download sales prior to the release of the retail version. In its fifth week in the charts, Minecraft has finally made it to the top spot as gamers continue to build and create their own gaming world in what is essentially an advanced Lego game. Continue reading

Fingerprint Sensor Will Feature On Next iPhone

iphone-5The new Beta version of iOS for the next iPhone reveals a fingerprint that changes colour during setup and indicates that the new model will indeed have a fingerprint scanner, as rumours have suggested.

Following Apple rumours can prove a difficult and thankless task. While a few of the supposed new features and fittings for the iPhone do eventually turn out to be true, the vast majority turn out to be little more than wishful thinking. Generally, the accuracy of a rumour can usually be measured by its persistence and one rumour that has been doing the rounds for a while is that of a fingerprint scanner in the next iPhone model.

The next iPhone looks almost certain to be the first Apple device to include a biometric fingerprint scanner after a line of code was found in the latest Beta version of iOS. The code highlights a fingerprint that changes colour during setup. Continue reading

YouView Continues To Grow And Increase Its Offerings

YouViewCatchUp TV company YouView, which celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of this month, has announced plans to expand by offering its service on a number of other devices.

YouView is proving to be a little more than a niche product. The device provides around 70 channels of TV viewing and also stream catch up programmes from all of the terrestrial channels directly onto your TV without the need to faff around with Smart TV functions or connecting your mobile device to your television. Continue reading

HTC To Launch HTC Mini One On August 12th

htc-one-mini-sizeThe HTC One Mini will launch in UK stores on 12th August according to online mobile phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles. HTC has yet to confirm or deny the reported release date.

The HTC One has proven a popular and powerful device, helping HTC to reinvigorate their results after a quite couple of years. It competed well with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its release and it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to further extend its reach by launching a Mini version of the device. According to reports from online phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles, the smaller device will start shipping on August 12th in the UK. Continue reading