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New Sky+ HD Boxes Now WiFi Enabled

Sky_HD_BoxNew subscribers to the Sky+ HD package will now receive a WiFi enabled Sky+ HD box, negating the need for subscribers to have to buy the additional wireless bridge that was previously required for a wireless connection.

Sky has long encouraged its customers to connect their boxes to the Internet but this hasn’t been as simple as it sounds. Sure, there’s an Ethernet connection but not everybody has their home router sat right by the Sky box. Long wires or seriously limited On Demand was the end result, unless you were willing to pay additional money to buy the WiFi adapter that Sky sold separately. Continue reading

Apple iWatch Will Cost Less Than £100 And Sell More Than 60m Units

apple-iwatchThe buzz surrounding the apparent release of the Apple iWatch has picked up once again, amid news that it may sell for around £100 and that it will release late next year, selling more than 60m units in its first year.

It has been reported by a Taiwanese newspaper that two companies, Quanta and Inventec will be responsible for the manufacture of Apple’s first iWatch device. Furthermore, one analyst has predicted a launch price of around £125 with others suggesting it could be even lower than this. Analysts have said that the watch will cost upwards of £95 although there is no indication whether this is the cost to Apple for manufacturing it or to the cost to the buyer for acquiring it. Continue reading

Nintendo 2DS Is Like A DS With Broken Hinges

Nintendo-2DSTechnology giant Nintendo has announced a new handheld system, called the 2DS. The device has two screens but no hinges so is more slab than clamshell.

Nintendo aren’t known for doing things in a traditional sense. Releases like the Gameboy, the Wii, and the 3DS have changed the face of gaming but they do sometimes get it wrong as well. The Wii U has not sold at all well, with a number of retailers even removing it from shelves and it is difficult to guess whether the newly announced 2DS will prove a hit or a major, massive, miss. Continue reading

Wikipad 7” Gaming Console To Launch In UK On September 27th

wikipad-610x353The Android gaming tablet called the Wikipad has received a UK release date of 27th September. The joystick wielding, Android touting 7” device will cost £250 and is considered a bold design move.

Virtually everything is touch screen nowadays. There are a few Blackberry smartphones that have stuck to the QWERTY design but even they have turned to touch screen for a lot of the models now available. When it comes to gaming, though, the touch screen is far from ideal and controls have become increasingly complex as game manufacturers attempt to find new and innovative ways for players to be able to control the action that they are involved in. Continue reading

PayDay 2 Finally Takes Top Spot Away From Minecraft

Payday-2-LogoMinecraft has enjoyed incredible success in the All Platform Video Game charts but its time at the peak has been cut by new entry PayDay 2, which has gone straight in to the top position leaving Minecraft in 2nd. Black Ops 2 is back up to third while FIFA 13 has dropped a couple of positions to 4th spot. Animal Crossing held steady for fifth position. There were few new entries in what is the calm before the storm of several new releases next week.

1 (-) – PayDay 2

PayDay 2 is an anomaly. It is crammed full of glitches and bugs and yet the game, which is effectively a co-op crime caper, still excites and offers excellent levels of gameplay. You are likely to really quite enjoy the game but you do have to be a little forgiving of some glaring errors. Continue reading

Is Disney Infinity More Than An Extortionately Priced Money Spinner?

disney-infinityDisney make some great films and some great kid’s shows, we’re told, but they also make masses and masses of money by selling what many would consider to be over-priced merchandise. In Disney Infinity, it seems that Disney will continue squeezing every penny out of buyers in the same way that Skylanders did.

Disney Infinity enables players to buy the game and then buy action figures to extend the playability of the game. Buy Captain Jack Sparrow and you receive access to the Pirates of the Caribbean campaign as well as items like the Black Pearl to be used in the game. Continue reading