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PS4 Proving More Popular In The US

play station 4A limited poll conducted in the USA shows that more people are likely to buy the PS4 than they are the Xbox One. Can the two next generation consoles prove a much needed tonic for a struggling games industry?

If you listen to games publishers then it is difficult to turn a profit making blockbuster, big budget games. Of course, if you’re Rockstar and you’re releasing the latest in the GTA series then nothing could seem further from the truth, as they shifted £500m on release day. The launch of two next generation consoles could be enough to attract gamers away from smartphones and tablets and back to the dedicated gaming system.

A poll conducted in the USA shows that the PS4 is currently some way ahead, in terms of popularity. This could be because the PS4 will cost less and because Microsoft messed up their Continue reading

Apple Now More Valuable Than Coca-Cola

apple-logo-smallApple has long been voted the coolest brand and can now add the accolade of being the most valuable brand to its already impressive line-up of records.

The Interbrand annual report shows which of the world’s biggest brands really is the biggest, at least in terms of value. It has been dominated by Coca-Cola ever since it started but it is perhaps not surprising that Apple has usurped the drinks manufacturer to become the most valuable. Coca Cola slipped down into third place with Apple’s chief rival, Google, also surpassing last year’s top entrant.

This year’s top ten sees exactly the same names as last year but there has been a little shuffling around in order to accommodate the rise and fall of Apple and Coca Cola.

Apple has been attributed a brand value of a shade under $100bn which is a 28% rise on last year which was enough to overtake Coca Cola, despite the drinks firm managing an increase Continue reading Aims To Take On Netflix And Lovefilm

wuaki-tv-logoSpanish owned, which offers movies and TV content for rent or purchase, aims to take on the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm. It is available on mobile devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox Live.

When it comes to streaming TV online or buying movies, there are really only a few choices worth considering. Netflix and LoveFilm are the two primary sources of this type of online content, thanks to their combination of affordability and the size of their catalogues. Now TV has also entered the fray and is making good ground but there’s a new service, called that combines the streaming and purchase models and hopes to beat all three.

Netflix is the most widely available of services and it offers some exceptional TV content. However, it does lack in the film area. Users have to wait up to a year longer than on other services for some of the biggest names and there’s also an issue with the fact that other countries get considerably more content than we do in the UK. The subscription model is very affordable, however. Continue reading

Dell To Release A Swathe Of New Tablets In Coming Weeks

Dell-Streak-Android-Tablet-Price-500x436Dell founder and chief executive Michael Dell has told AllThingsD that the company is set to launch a significant wave of new devices in the coming weeks, although Dell was not forthcoming with details.

The technology industry has got to the stage now where companies need to announce that they are going to make announcements of new products and Dell have announced that they are going to announce various new tablets and devices in the coming weeks.

The company recently unwrapped the Venue range of tablets, which utilise the new Bay Trail processors produced by the company. The devices will also have 8 inch screens and will hopefully assist Dell in making a more marked entry into an industry that they have yet to really take hold of. Continue reading

Microsoft Launches Updated Surface Tablets

Microsoft_Surface_ProMicrosoft has launched updates to its Surface range that it hopes will improve the fortunes of previously poor performing tablet devices. The Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 have a number of upgraded features.

Microsoft endured a difficult time with the release of their first Surface tablets. The move was taken in order to help push Windows 8 and Windows RT through its own devices rather than relying on other manufacturers and suppliers to opt for Windows over Android systems. While the tablets were actually quite good, they really didn’t enjoy the kind of sales and profits that Microsoft would have presumably been looking for.

The second generation of the Surface tablets offer some really quite big improvements. Continue reading

Apple Is Still The Coolest Brand

apple-logo-smallThe annual CoolBrands survey shows that Apple is still considered the coolest brand in the UK but other technology brands have lost ground to luxury firms and fashion labels.

The CoolBrands annual survey aims to highlight which brands UK consumers consider to be the coolest. During the recession, the trend was for essential and technology brands to take the top position but things have changed according to this year’s results. Whereas brands like BBC iPlayer have lost considerable ground, luxury brands like Rolex and Aston Martin as well as fashion labels like Chanel and Prada have scaled the heights of the top 20.

The incredible queue and apparent euphoria surrounding the latest Apple releases has become commonplace so it is hardly surprising to see them top the list once again this year. Continue reading