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Sony Playstation 4 Hits UK Shelves

Sony Playstation 4The Sony Playstation 4 has gone on sale in the UK. It’s cheaper than the Xbox One, more powerful, and designed primarily for gamers. Will it be enough to take the console crown back from Microsoft?

Sony effectively messed up the last generation of console wars. Although they had enjoyed considerable success with the Playstation 2, they released the PS3 a year after the Xbox 360, and although the system was arguably better, they had too much ground to make up. The PS3 offered free online gaming, but no cross game chat. It was also a lot more expensive than the Xbox 360. Have they put things right with the new PS4?

One big difference between the way that the two devices were marketed was that Sony shifted the PS3 as an all-in-one device that combined console gaming with multimedia entertainment. Continue reading

Is Sony’s Smart Wig As Ridiculous As It Sounds?

Sony make.believe logo - blackSony has submitted a patent application for a smart wig. Could the toupee really be the direction that wearable tech is heading in, or is it as ludicrous as it first sounds?

Some ideas are best left in branstorming sessions, but some are so ludicrously mad that they actually turn out to be genuinely useful, extremely popular, and a major money spinner for those that came up with the idea in the first place. Google Glass met with derision, as well as some praise, when it was first introduced, and while we have yet to see its eventual levels of popularity and success, it could well have changed the way that we use technology.

Sony, not wanting to be left out, has applied for their own wearable technology patent. Rather than a smartwatch, or even smartglasses, though, they have taken a slightly different route. Their patent is for the smart wig. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 525 Unveiled

nokia-lumia-525Nokia have officially unveiled the Lumia 525, the successor to the popular Lumia 520. Dual core processor, 5mp camera, and is likely to cost £150, like its predecessor.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was one of the most popular handsets of its generation, and has proven the champion of both the Lumia range and Windows Phone smartphones. It cut a few corners in order to launch at less than £150 but it didn’t suffer too much for those cuts. The battery was quite weak and there could have been more RAM but it was a decent quality phone for a decent budget. The Lumia 525, a mere rumour a few days ago but now confirmed by Nokia, looks like it will follow in the footsteps of the 520.

The Lumia 525 has a 1,430mAH battery, which Nokia claims will give 17 hours of talk time or 336 hours of standby. Rather than the 512MB of RAM, you now receive double that with 1GB of RAM and the difference should be noticeable when you’re playing games and using apps. Continue reading

iBuyPower Releases Steam Machine Specs

ibuypower big logoiBuyPower has released details of the specifications for its Steam Machine, that they believe will launch in 2014. It has impressive specs and a good design, but a hefty price tag equivalent to about £300.

The next generation console wars will be well under way tomorrow, when the PS4 launches in the UK. While the devices have fairly similar specifications, they are being pitched and marketed slightly differently, and game publishers have said that the Xbox One doesn’t offer the same level of graphics as the PS4. They will cost between £350 and £450, depending on the model you choose, and unless you have already pre-ordered you will probably have to wait until after Christmas to get your hands on one, or pay £600 or more on eBay. Continue reading

ZTE Joining The Wearable Tech Market Next Year With A New Smartwatch

zte-logoBudget smartphone makers ZTE have said that they will release a smartwatch next year. It will be aimed at the mainstream market, costing less than but offering similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

ZTE has become the new HTC. They produce good quality, budget smartphones that offer a lot of features and specifications for their money and, according to Lu Qianhao, head of the company’s handset division, they are to produce a smartwatch in order to enter the wearable tech market too. The device will launch next year, offer similar features to the Galaxy Gear, and will be priced for the mainstream market.

Priced for the mainstream market is marketing talk for being a budget device, but Qianhao has said that the watch will offer similar features to those of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Samsung device Continue reading

Gadgets Most Popular Gifts For Everybody This Christmas

christmas-giftPerhaps unsurprisingly, research has shown that most people are shunning traditional Christmas gifts and opting to buy gadgets and the latest technology for partners, kids, and friends.

When technology companies release products in the second half of the year, they tend to aim for a pre-Christmas release, and for good reason. Launching too soon means that a product could be replaced, while launching too late means that few people will have the expendable income needed to buy their items.

For buyers looking for the ideal gift, gadgets are a good choice. They tend to enjoy regular and heavy use, are viewed as being really good gift items, and are the must have accessory that most people are talking about. Continue reading