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BBC servers under attack on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve the world’s largest and oldest broadcaster, the BBC, suffered a cyber attack.  The attacker subsequently launched a campaign on Christmas Day to convince other like-minded criminals to pay him for access.

Thankfully though the BBC’s security team managed to contain the situation and secure the site
from further attack. Continue reading

VW Kombi reaches the end of the road

volkswagen_kombiOne of the most iconic and recognised vehicles ever produced has finally ceased production. New safety regulations in Brazil have led to the demise of the Volkswagen Kombi after 64 years of production.

From camper vans to pick-ups and cargo vans Volkeswagen will cease production at the end of 2013 of the ‘Type 2’ in Brazil, or anywhere else in the world. ‘Type 1’ was broadly known as the Beetle.

For the last five or six decades the Kombi was recognized as a symbol of counter-culture right across the world and staple of life in Brazil. Continue reading

Zeppelins To Make A Comeback As Cargo Carriers

ZeppelinThe zeppelin will be launched as a cargo carrier by 2016, and aims to dispel the public’s concern over safety while igniting the world’s passion for steampunk.

Mention the word zeppelin in modern day company and people will either regale you with tales of the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 or how they have heavily influenced the steampunk genre of culture. If you’re in particularly mature company, or dining with those that have a penchant for military history, then you may also hear tell of how they were used in World War I primarily for reconnaissance missions but also for a few bombing runs.

The zeppelin will be a thing of military past, and cultural genre, no longer, however. Cargolux, a Luxembourg based cargo company, has said that it is creating new versions of the airship, that are safer and more efficient, and they will be used to carry cargo in their holds. The first fleet of 22 of the zeppelin airships will launch in 2016, carrying cargo over Europe. Continue reading

Samsung And Apple Outline Plans For 2014

apple-samsung-logos-300x300Samsung has said that it will make the smart TV smarter, while Apple has said that they have big plans for the coming year, although didn’t provide any detail.

Samsung smart TVs will get smarter in 2014 according to the world’s biggest TV manufacturer. Finger gestures and voice commands will improve, and we will be able to control our TVs in an alarmingly vast array of ways.

Features like Siri and S Voice, which enable users to perform numerous tasks on their smartphones and other devices, have become increasingly popular as the technology has improved. Voice commands are also an integral part of the Xbox One offering, while gesture controls have already been implemented, to varying degrees of success and popularity, on smart TVs and other smart devices. Continue reading

105″ Curved Ultra HD TVs From Samsung And LG – The Future Of The Living Room?

samsung-hd-tv-105-inchReports suggest that LG and Samsung are preparing to launch massive 105″ curved Ultra HD TVs. Announcements are expected during CES 2014.

Let’s face it, the size of the TV in your living room says a lot about you. If you sit with your knees around your ears to make room for the TV and cabinet then you’re most definitely working class. Generally speaking, you can measure just how chavvy people are by the increasing size of the TV sets in their room.

There is a serious point to this, believe it or not. A 50″ TV set in a tiny living room means that you have to sit too close. It means that most of the screen will be in your peripheral vision, where the Continue reading

Use Met Office Apps To Receive Updates On Storms Currently Battering Britain

met-office-mobile-appBritain is battered by storms again, with weather warnings issued for wind and rain throughout the UK. Stay up to date with Met Office apps.

As Britain suffers yet another day of high winds and torrential rain, numerous weather warnings have been issued across the country. Amber warnings for severe gale force winds and rain have been issued for Northern Ireland and Scotland, along with warnings of heavy rain for Scotland, and wind for South and West Wales, and parts of Southern England. There are also 44 flood warnings in place across the country.

3,500 homes have been left without power in Cumbria and Lancashire with a further 1,000 in Northern Ireland suffering the same fate. Not only are the poor conditions expected to continue, but there is also a threat of wintry showers, including snow, although these will tend to congregate over higher ground. Continue reading