Dell Offer To Replace Laptops That Smell Of Cat Wee

dell-laptop-smell-of-cat-weeDell users have been told that they can replace their laptop, after it emerged that a manufacturing process has led to the Latitude 6430u giving off an odour of cat wee.

Laptop owners often find that they have things to complain about. The nature of the device means that there is a lot of technology typically crammed into a relatively small package, and this is especially true of the high end devices that are usually geared towards business users. One such device is the Dell Latitude 6430u – an otherwise great device that has been found to be the cause of a strong cat urine smell.

Many users have complained of the smell, saying that they had initially blamed their cat, or had been told to try blasting air at the laptop fans to clean them. However, no matter what was tried and no matter which cat was blamed, the smell did not go away.

Eventually, Dell relented, and have said that it is a manufacturing process that has led to the smell. Owners have been told that they can return their laptop for a new, odour free version.

Aside from the smell, the Latitud 6430u has received strong reviews. It features an HD+ resolution screen and a powerful 2.1GHz processor. Users are no longer forced to put with Windows 8, with Windows 7 being offered instead and while the number might be lower this represents an improvement in most peoples’ eyes.

There are many complaints that can be levelled at laptops and other electronic devices. Some have been recalled because of antenna problems while others have been plagued by reports that they burst into flames. However, we’re fairly sure that this is the first time that any device has been called out because it has an apparently pungent odour of cat wee.

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