Dell To Release A Swathe Of New Tablets In Coming Weeks

Dell-Streak-Android-Tablet-Price-500x436Dell founder and chief executive Michael Dell has told AllThingsD that the company is set to launch a significant wave of new devices in the coming weeks, although Dell was not forthcoming with details.

The technology industry has got to the stage now where companies need to announce that they are going to make announcements of new products and Dell have announced that they are going to announce various new tablets and devices in the coming weeks.

The company recently unwrapped the Venue range of tablets, which utilise the new Bay Trail processors produced by the company. The devices will also have 8 inch screens and will hopefully assist Dell in making a more marked entry into an industry that they have yet to really take hold of.

Nokia has done things a little differently. Rather than announcing their upcoming announcements they are relying on reports from sources close to the company. These sources have said that the mobile phone manufacturer will launch six new products at its Nokia World event next month. Little is known for certain about the impending devices but a few rumours and suppositions have been doing the rounds.

The Nokia 1520 is a rumoured phablet device with a mammoth 6 inch screen while the 2520 is said to be a Windows RT based tablet. The latter seems even more likely now that Nokia has been bought out by Microsoft and this would also point to the possibility of a swathe of other Windows based devices being launched.

Also fairly likely is a selection of new feature phones. Although the UK and the rest of the Western World is moving away from these phones, Asian and other markets are still extremely important to the Finnish manufacturers and they lap up feature phones making them a viable business interest for Nokia.

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