Details Of HTC Zara Mini Leaked

HTC-Desire-300Days after the leaking of HTC Zara details, another hole has sprung in HTC. Alleged details of the HTC Zara Mini along with photos of the device have apparently hit the press.

The HTC Zara is believed to be a mid-range handset offering a 4.5” screen and utilising an inexpensive plastic body design. According to the images that were leaked it has definitely borrowed a lot of the design features that were present in the HTC One, the company’s flagship device that has battled with the Galaxy and iPhone for top position.

However, the screen only offers a 960 x 540 resolution and is powered by a decidedly middle of the road 1.2GHz dual core processor while carrying 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

One feature that the Zara may have that beats its flagship device, though, would be the introduction of HTC Sense 5.5, an updated version of the company’s Sense user interface overlay.

Hot on the heels of this leak has come news that a Zara Mini will also be released, although the specification would suggest that one of the leaks may be some way off the mark.


The full size Mini is said to have a 4.5” screen while the Mini is rumoured to have a screen just marginally smaller at 4.3”. It will only have a TFT display and a 1GHz processor, so maybe the Mini represents a reduction in specification rather than screen size in this case.

Neither report has been confirmed or denied by the phone manufacturer but if both turn out to be true it is possible that this could signal the first simultaneous release of a full size and a mini version of the same handset. Typically, consumers have to wait a few months after the release of the full size version before the Mini version of a handset is released.

Spesifikasi dan Harga HTC Desire 300 Zara Mini 4.3 inchi Dual Core 1 GHz Kamera 5 MP

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