Dixons Releases Advent Branded Tegra Note Tablet For £180

tegra-noteDixons owned Advent has released an own-brand version of the recently announced Tegra Note, which it is selling for £180. Pre-orders are available now, and the tablet should arrive in a week.

Nvidia recently announced that its new tablet would be available to partners to upgrade and personalise before selling under their own brand. While there will undoubtedly be a few that take up that offer, retailer Dixons has stolen a march on the opposition. By being the first to announce the tablet, they have been able to make no changes, apart from slapping their own Advent moniker on the device. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, of course, because the Tegra does have some really quite decent specifications and features.

The main selling point of the Tegra Note is that it includes the incredible Tegra 4 processor. In benchmark testing, the Tegra 4 has proven to be the fastest and most impressive processor found in any 7” tablet. While the Tegra 3 was impressive enough, its successor has blown it right out of the water. Full HD video and HD games play with absolutely no issues whatsoever, and the power of the processor means that the device should be future proof.

The Note also has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, a whole host of micro-out ports, and DirectStylus technology. The stylus has been long forgotten for many people, but Nvidia claim that the new technology means that its stylus will be incredibly precise so it could prove attractive to those want the additional accuracy that a stylus offers.

The Advent Vega Tegra Note may not have the greatest name, but it will cost £180 and anybody interested can pre-order now to receive their device on 15th November, in plenty of time for Christmas.

The Vega is one of a raft of new tablets that have been released, costing less than £200. The Google Nexus saw its price drop from £199 to £179 while the Tesco Hudl costs £120, the Argos MySlate costs £100, and the obscenely inexpensive Carphone Warehouse’s Avoca 7 is now available for £49.

If you’re looking for a tablet that doesn’t attract an iPad-like premium price tag, you want unrivalled processor power, and you want it in about a week, then the Vega Tegra from Advent could be your ideal choice. We still love the Google Nexus, but it has some serious competition from Dixons, of all people.

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