Doctors from London Grew Ear from Fat

ear-from-fatDoctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London grew cartilage of ear in the laboratory.

Currently doctors are obliged to take cartilage from the ribs and carry out a big number of operations, leaving multiple scars on his chest. The new technology involves the use of the framework of nanoparticles and stem cells derived from human adipose tissue and treated with chemicals to differentiate into cartilage cells.

As BBC reports, the experts managed to transplant successfully the pinna to a 15-year-old Britton Samuel Clompus, suffering from microtia, that results in the ear failing to develop properly and can be missing or malformed.

According to the doctors from London, the technology they developed could help children with microtia, as well as the adult patients, needing recovery of the cartilage of nose after removal of cancerous tumours.

The main advantage of the technology is, that the used cells will not develop to cancer and will not be rejected, because they belong to the patient.

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