Dying Teen Stephen Sutton’s Wish Goes Viral

Stephen-SuttonA terminally ill 19-year-old’s online fundraising page has gone viral, helping him raise nearly £1m for a cancer charity.

Stephen Sutton, from Burntwood in Staffordshire, was diagnosed with incurable colorectal cancer at the age of 15.

Last year he was told it was inoperable, prompting him to write a bucket list of 46 things he wanted to achieve.

One of his goals is to raise £1m for Teenage Cancer Trust, and he has been using the internet to help him achieve this.

His JustGiving page has since gone viral, helping him raise £250,000 in a day.

So far, more than £820,000 has been donated.

Celebrities have been retweeting it on Twitter, and the funds keep on coming.

Piers Morgan tweeted: “What a remarkable, inspiring, courageous young man … please help him achieve his total.

Stephen posted on his Facebook page on Monday about his deteriorating condition, saying:

Currently I am in a very vulnerable position and do not know what will happen next.

My right lung has collapsed and I am very weak (I’m finding it hard to type this message)

I will fight as hard as I can, but if the worst happens I just want to say thank you all for sharing the journey with me- it’s been wonderful.

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