Dyson Launches Their Smallest And Quietest Cleaner, The DC49

Dyson DC49Leading vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson have launched what they say is the smallest, quietest, and lightest vacuum they have manufactured to date. It is designed for use in small Japanese homes.

Dyson are certainly no strangers to innovation and as well as being responsible for introducing technologies like bagless cleaners and the use of a ball instead of wheels on their cleaners, they even stage innovation awards every year. As soon as you think they’ve reached the pinnacle of vacuum design and will not be able to improve on their design any further something new comes along.

The DC49 is the company’s latest launch and while it may not include ground-breaking technology like bagless cleaning, it has come out of the Dyson Labs so it has been designed not only to serve a purpose but to excel in what it does.

The biggest selling point of the Dyson DC49 is that it is tiny. In fact, it has a footprint that is only marginally larger than a sheet of A4 paper. Despite this, it is extremely powerful and the digital motor that helps achieve this power and diminutive stature also means that it is extremely light.

The cleaner uses ball technology for increased maneuverability, which will be of further benefit to those with confined living space.

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Virtually everything in the cleaner is designed to offer enhanced performance. The tools have been remanufactured to improve its ability to pick up dirt while a dust capture channel prevents the dirt from falling back down on to the floor.

Such benefits and features, however, do not come cheap. The DC49 is out now and it is available for £349 although this price should drop a little in the coming months and you should expect a few newer variants on the theme to be released too.

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