Facebook Adds Clickable Hashtag Support

facebookFacebook has announced that it will be following in Twitter’s footsteps by offering support to clickable hashtags. The decision has been met with both celebration and disgust.

Love them or hate them, you cannot defy the positive impact that hashtags have had on Twitter. It was a unique feature and one that users took to straight away. You add a hashtag to the beginning of a word or block of text in a Tweet and readers can click the hashtag to view what others are saying about that particular tag.

The hashtag wasn’t actually introduced by Twitter themselves but independently by users. Searching by keyword was always something of a hit and miss operation but by adding the #symbol to keywords and phrases it made it a lot easier to find relevant Tweets by others. The system has been integrated into apps and search functions as well.

The use of hashtags is so popular that the obnoxious few use it in everyday talk. It is #annoying but it shows that the move has hit the mainstream since Twitter users first introduced it.

Facebook have announced that they too will be introducing clickable hashtags. People will be able to tag their own posts and readers that click on these tags will be presented with posts and pages from friends that use the same hashtag.

Facebook has said that they too have simply upgraded what users were already doing. The # phenomenon was being added to posts and updates but Facebook has now made the terms clickable to make it even more beneficial.

There are both fans and detractors of the move with some bemoaning the aping of Twitter features and others wondering why it took so long. Rumours of the move first surfaced in March of this year and the rollout of the feature began in earnest on June 12th.

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