Fast And Furious 6 Is Very Fast And Incredibly Furious

fast-and-furious-6The Fast and Furious series of films has never exactly been lacking in either pace or fury and while there have been questions over the standard of acting and the occasionally messy story lines, we keep coming back for more of the high octane adventure films. Fortunately, the series has continued with Vin Diesel back in the driving seat but, in the latest installment of the franchise, he will be joined by cast from all of the previous films.

Dom and his crew are offered a pardon for their crimes in exchange for working with The Rock as a special force set up to catch illegal street racers and smugglers. Dom accepts the job because he has been told that Letty, who he believed to be dead, is a part of the crew they’re looking to take down. The rest of the crew take on the job because they want to be free to spend the money they received from the Rio heist in Fast and Furious 5.

Don’t expect too many deep plot twists or too much in the way of character acting but expect massive muscles, fast cars, and incredible action scenes because this is what the franchise has become known for. In this respect, it delivers exceptionally and the film is packed with action from the very beginning right to the rolling credits. If you enjoyed the previous films then it is unlikely that you will be disappointed with number 6 but if you’ve never been a fan then there’s nothing particularly new to drag you in.

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